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    "The CEO Futurist" & Performance 3.0 Guru
    Author & Media Commentator

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    Patrick, known as "The CEO Futurist," is recognized as a winning CEO, and C-level advisor. Behind the success of over one hundred Fortune 500 corporations, Patrick has built brands, businesses, and many of today's mobile/social ventures. Now, in the emerging 3.0 World, he delivers his "Vision to Action" insights and approaches to help audiences "Shift Their Game" to a higher level of performance.

    His singular focus is on driving greater performance in business, in careers, in life! So he draws from his decades of experience across The Coca-Cola Company, Apple, Google, Facebook, Ford, Proctor & Gamble, Virgin, Daimler, Adidas, a Top 10 app company, the newest smartphone-to-retail platform and beyond. He unlocks the future with his fresh insights across: macro trends, emerging generations and technologies, innovation, digital, mobile, social, shopper dynamics, e-commerce, Big Data, etc. Distilling his techniques down to unique "High Performance Drivers" and smart steps forward, Patrick turbo-charges his audience’s direction immediately.

    As a disciple of Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins, Patrick always delivers insightful viewpoints and prescriptive solutions. He customizes his presentations to each audience to enhance the impact of his work. Each Electrifying event is filled with rich stories, videos, and live demos that leave everyone energized, motivate and ready to put their visions into action. Patrick’s new book, Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile: Insights for the Future, is an effective giveaway that also brings his insights to life for each participant.

    Patrick's Info-graphic:

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    Patrick has done over 200 speaking events and breakouts, across corporate, association and university clients, in North America and globally. His value is recognized by the highest of ratings and his use as an event opener, energizer or closer. He can move across C-suite to main street participants, and is often used for board level events and strategic sessions. His expertise and academic pioneer role also makes him an insightful and motivational speaker at the university level too.

    Popular Topics:

    The Future Is Now! (Futurist Insights & Motivation)
    Driving Performance In The 3.0 World (Emerging Business/Future)
    Wanted: CEO 3.0 (Leadership/Future)
    Innovation In A 3.0 World (Innovation)
    Shift Your Game: (Enhanced Performance)
    Business 3.0 (Emerging Tech/Biz)
    Mobile & Social Fusion (Mobile, Social, Digital)
    Trends Into Action (Futurist Trends)
    Mobile, Social, Retail) (Emerging Retail/Marketing)
    Generation Next: Cracking The Code (Global Youth/Marketing)
    Smartphones To Smart Strategies (Business Building 3.0)
    Be Steve Jobs: Insights For The Future (Insights & Inspiration)
    Turbo-charging Brands & Businesses (Marketing/Branding)
    Insights From The 3.0 Titans (Business Insights 3.0)
    Brand You 3.0! (personal development)
    Other: your custom topic (wide range across all)

    All topics are customized to the event/audience. Formats include keynotes, seminars, executive summits & Board meetings, master classes and break out & moderator led sessions. The content is always smart, insightful (yet fun/entertaining), and visually rich, using short video and on-stage smartphones/new tech demos. There is also an array of post-event take-aways in digital and hardcover book form.

    Recent Events: YPO (Young Presidents Org.), MIT Executive Series, Direct Marketing Association Annual Closing Keynote, Villanova Univ. Executive Series, EASC Association, Fortune 500 corp. events, etc.

    More Detail

    The 3.0 Author: His recent, “Innovative Book of the Year” about Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile let's audience members take home tangible insights and innovation: the 2-in-1 bonus book (also includes Apps: The Inside Scoop) is smartphone empowered so a simple “tap or snap” on the book allows Patrick, Steve Jobs and an assortment of videos to come to life in your hands. This has become a favorite giveaway and book-signing item.

    Patrick’s Recent Two Books
    (Hardcover & e-book)

    The CEO Futurist: First Patrick has a sharp a lens on the future yet does so with the insights of a winning CEO and c-level advisor for the Fortune 500 and the tech leaders emerging now. He was CEO and Founder of innovation powerhouse Fusion 5 (WPP/Tempus acquired) then President of mobile software leader Sourcebits and CMO of mobile/social NFC pioneer other Thinaire.

    Brand/Marketing Thought Leader: Patrick’s expertise emanates out his Brand management and CPG marketing at Gillette and The Coca-Cola Company. He has gone on to lead marketing into its 3.0 forms across retail, direct, digital, then social, mobile, e-commerce, Big Data. He has been a repeated brand/marketing thought leader and speaker, as well a long term, weekly spokesperson as The Marketing insider on Ad Age’s The Advertising Show. He was recognized with The Coca-Cola Presidential Award and a series of Clio’s, Effie’s, etc.

    The Business 3.0: Patrick has built brands, businesses, even apps/games, using digital, mobile, social, e-commerce, m-commerce, etc. He is an expert on smart-phones, tablets, apps, emerging technologies like NFC, e-payments, etc. He combines the new and the tried and true, to help his audiences amp their performance.

    The Master Innovator: From a role at Gillette and The Coca-Cola Company then advising the top global brands/companies, Patrick has been a new product and innovation leader. As CEO of Fusion 5, he led the development of a 10-year innovation pipeline of new car concepts and technology solutions that ultimately was part of the Ford “No Bail-out” turnaround. He has applied his proprietary I-5 process and other proven approaches over 2 decades and 100 business/brands.

    Academic Pioneer: At the university level, Patrick brings insights on what the 3.0 future holds. He help found the Villanova I.C.E. Center (Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship) and re-invent the business school to deliver a different caliber of graduate to the marketplace. This helped drive Villanova into the Top 20 Business Schools and provides a platform in his university keynotes. In addition, The annual Meyer I.C.E. awards helps to drive and recognize innovation, including an honorary 2011 award going to Apple’s Steve Jobs.

    Media Spokesperson: As a global innovation correspondent for PatrickTV and media spokesperson/contributor, he delivers the cutting edge: Patrick scouts what is emerging and then factors it into his dialogue on where it is going and how to get there now. Patrick was also a long term contributor weekly on The Advertising Show (The Marketing Insider), global correspondent for the leading Innovation source,, and part of media content across: network/cable channels, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Techcrunch, Mashable, CNET, etc.

    Patrick Contact: 646-620-6618 Website:

  • What Clients Are Saying About Patrick:

    Meaghan Edelman

    "Patrick definitely stood out as one of the most engaging keynote speakers that I've had to date... I look forward to having him at more events"

    Meaghan Edelstein, Event Director
    click to see video

    "He is brilliant! How many times do you see someone who is as brilliant and as smart but also personable, caring and someone who can really connect with an audience."

    Dr. Gaby Cora, Television Talk Show Host & Producer
    click to see video
    Dr. Gaby Cora

    Sandy Ghezzi

    "I called up Patrick time and time again when I need a Powerhouse on the stage"

    Sandy Ghezzi, CAE, Vice President & Assoc. Conference Director
    click to see video

    "Patrick added valuable knowledge and experience on the topic of mobile social gaming. He really lit up the room with his charisma and we'd love to have him back next year."

    Tim Connor Account Executive at Mullen
    click to see video
    Tim Connor
    SAB Miller

    "Patrick is what the c-suite needs...someone who comes in and can clearly have an impact on market performance. I dropped he and his team into the Miller organzition and they played a key role in helping to turn Miller Lite around . And he has done this again and again with the biggest brands and now with mobile/social start-ups. This is what he brings to his speaking, his books, and PatrickTV."

    Mark Sherrington, CEO of Tempus/ Added Value & CMO SAB Miller

    "When I needed "conventional tried and true, I called our advertising agencies. When I needed New, Innovative & An Order of Magnitude better, I called Patrick and his Fusion 5 organziation. At RJRNabisco, Ford & Chrysler, Patrick envisioned and developed new ways to build brands and sell more product. That folks, is what he does brilliantly!"

    Jim Schroer, CEO Carlson Marketing , EVP Global Sales & Marketing Daimler Chrysler and CMO Ford.
    Ford Logo
    University of Villanova Logo

    "Patrick is a true innovator and thought leader. He has been a close adviser for me especially in his role as a member of my Dean’s Advisory Council at the Villanova School of Business. He has proven himself a source of inspiration for professors, students, and alumni alike, and served as keynote speaker for our Executive Speaker Series. His high energy, creative insights, and ability to convey the latest thinking for today and the future earn him recognition as “The CEO Futurist.”

    James Danko, Dean of The Villanova Business School

    "Patrick is a thought leader, innovator and mobile/social marketing expert. He represented Sourcebits as a keynote speaker at number of industry events. and a leader in breakout sessions with our major clients and their c-level teams."

    Rohit Singal, CEO of Sourcebits (global leader in mobile apps/software)
    Coca-Cola logo

    "Patrick has been an asset I have tapped into for over a decade on emerging strategies, innovation, and solutions for today and tomorrow. He has been a resource for me and my organization that adds value on so many levels"

    Chris Lowe, President, Coca-Cola Food Service, The Coca-Cola Co

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