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New Patrick Books: Insights For The Future.
Experiential: Tap or Touch To Bring The Book Life!!
Steve Jobs Book - User Guide
1st Ever Smartphone Empowered Book: Tap your NFC phone on the cover and Patrick and Steve Jobs come to life. This is a first in mobile and book publishing.

2-in-1 Bonus Book: In a value oriented way, “Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile” flips over to provide the bonus book about Jobs/Apple’s magical software packet phenomena called: “Apps: The Inside Scoop”

Insights (Beyond Jobs Biographies): The book delivers a series of future focused insights, illustrations and inspirational stories about Jobs, plus “The Clash of The Titans,” Patrick’s map of where the mobile driven world is going, and the Do It Yourself how-to steps for mobile and apps.

“Snacking” Design: It is far from a traditional book...designed in a Jobs/Apple intuitive design format ...simple, engaging, graphic...that can be enjoyed in snacking bites...on plane, train, or in multi-tasking occasions.

Experiential Points Throughout: In hardcover and iPad/Kindle, the book/e-book further comes to life with pop-up points that you touch or snap (QR code) that bring up videos and content of Steve Jobs, plus an array of future focused innovations, mobile app showcased examples and beyond.

Giveback: The profits from the book (hardcover/e-book formats) go to help young adult students follow in Steve Jobs footsteps.
Patrick’s Hardcover Best Seller 2-in-1 Bonus Book
The 1st Ever Smartphone Empowered (NFC)
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