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Field of Medicine finds Google Glass a Helpful Asset


When one of Google’s big bosses Sergey Brin introduced Glass, the spectators and consumers in the world of technology got excited, but doubtful at the same time. Who would have thought that wearing a responsive computer like the way anyone would wear a pair of sun glasses is possible. But like any other technological innovations, it quickly became the subject to countless rounds of criticisms in every way possible.

Despite the hesitations and disapprovals, however, some organizations in different fields found good use to this avant-garde wearable device that will forever change the way a task is completed. Thus, the good use puts the fancy Glass in the productivity booster category big time. Continue reading

The Coolest Gadgets that Buzzed the Technology World this Year


As we are about to say goodbye to the year 2013 and welcome 2014, it made perfect sense to take a look back at what the ending year had offered us as consumers of the innovative technologies brought about by tech companies that were nonstop innovating. For sure talking about it will generate a very long list of notable tech gadgets, so I decided to filter it to the coolest for sure each one of us can remember. Continue reading

Smartwatch: The Next Level of Wearable Technology


The interesting list of awesome technologies continues to rise as leading innovators unveil their signature products, from the hit smartphones and tablets, and now the hotly anticipated wearable devices. Recently we have heard of Google Glass as a fantastic innovation that will change the perspective of consumers. And just before the release of this futuristic gadget, topnotch companies have announced to release their respective versions of the latest wearable tech fondly called as Smartwatch. Continue reading

What Google Glass means to Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Innovators


We may not fly like superman, but we’re swiftly acquiring one of his superpowers.

This testimonial could actually delineate how Google Glass changed the perception of mobile consumers when it comes to high-end innovations and inventions. Who would expect that a giant company like Google could come up with such a crazy thing that combines leading technologies into one revolutionary device? Fusing smartphone, tablet, iPad, GPS, camera and other features into a single gadget is really beyond anyone’s expectation especially for ordinary people. But for businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, Google Goggles is not a total surprise. Why? It is because those companies that have been upgrading their systems have anticipated the emergence of this kind of technology. In fact, a lot of innovators have spent many years of creating computerized visual overlays, till such time that Google believed that it’s high time to get this technology ready. Continue reading