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3 Golden Lessons brought to us by Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp


Flip through the business sections of any newspaper and you will encounter numerous stories about acquisitions and takeovers but only few of them brought an extraordinary rave among consumers, unlike those that involve tech companies.

So it is today that the world was caught by surprise upon hearing the news that Facebook has bought WhatsApp in a contract worth $19 billion. It trounces, by some margin, the $1 billion the social network paid for Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform. It is also close to tripling the $7.2 billion purchase that Microsoft dealt with Nokia for its entire mobile company. And mind you, it’s one of the biggest technology takeovers since HP acquired Compaq for $25 billion in 2001. Continue reading

The Chameleon Web: Why Deploy a Responsive Business Website Today


Time always leads us to a different and all new experience. In the world of technology, for instance, each year brought us to a new era of innovation. It can be remembered that our ancestors started out with the bulky gadgets that can only do a task at a time. Then, the Internet was introduced – gathering people from different parts of the earth into a single yet vast virtual field allowing anyone the option to directly be in contact with anybody in spite of the distance. Now, time has brought us to a world where different things can be done by just tapping a screen illuminating different options while on the go; a scene which people from 100 years ago probably might have thought of as the impossible future.
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3 Interesting Topics Covered during the CES 2014 Event


CES 2014 has recently been concluded, and we’d like to take a review of the interesting topics that were brought to public’s attention during the event.

One of the reasons why CES is very popular and highly anticipated is that it has been, and will always be, the location for us to see the introduction of new ideas by creative and skilful makers, builders, manufacturers, and new and known innovators.

But with so many product/feature/update introductions, we usually end up with so much information to dig in. So, whether you want a little help in filtering down your notes to the most significant ones, or someone who has not attended the event and wanting a quick note of the compelling things revealed during the CES event, you get your help here. Without further ado, below are three of the most interesting stories uncovered in the CES 2014 event.
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Driving Your Life to the Future: Patrick Meyer’s 14 Fearless Insights for 2014


2014 is definitely in and the world is thrilled to catch the next wave of upgrades to conquer the business and corporate scene. Consumers are now thinking big on what this year has in store for them as they embrace a brand new perspective in dealing with political, social, commercial and even personal matters. This year, the emerging fresh ideas and concepts would surely open another threshold of opportunities to drive your life to the future.
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Why You Should Add Video Advertising to Your Business’ Marketing Campaigns Mix


A representation on how a Facebook video ad may look like.

There are a lot of ways to promote a business online. In the internet marketing category, there is the search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, referral marketing and content marketing. In search engine marketing category, a business can experiment with pay per click and cost per impression schemes. If the promotion is required to target users’ actions in somebody else’ website, there is the contextual advertising as well as behavioural targeting in the display advertising category. Continue reading

On-the-Go Customer Relationship Management


For a fast-growing business, there is nothing more valuable than having access to tools that can be used to manage customer relationships and the loads of data and information that come flowing with them. Yes, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn had grown big and sophisticated enough to be the likely tool for this purpose, but a CRM system is no less than an architecture built similarly around people and relationships. Continue reading

Brilliant Ideas + No Startup Fund = Crowdfunding


If you think you have just discovered something innovative and it can help a lot of people finally solve a specific problem or simply provide the crowd another helpful tool they can use daily, but you are faced by the trouble of having an empty pocket or your cash in the volt just could not cover the projected realization cost, then be advised of the future of philanthropy – Crowdfunding – as it is the recommended work around for a project facing a fund scarcity problem. But before you put on your happy face for this funding solution, let’s first examine the details, how it works and where to do it.
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On the Spotlight: Villanova Business Magazine 2013 Fall/Summer Edition


Villanova Business, the official bi-annual publication of Villanova School of Business recently published its latest edition for summer and fall of 2013. The premier institution offers new humanistic design, notable images, and thought-provoking articles that exclusively cover the School of Business community.

Each year, the digital magazine features an array of fresh inclusions from the latest news, top personalities, achievements, rankings and innovations associated with the students, faculty, staff and alumni of VSB. Other than that, the publication also highlights significant events and overviews of new faculty studies and research. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Augmented Reality Advertising


Business nowadays calls for more intelligent strategies and campaigns. As the world of technology continue to soar new heights of development, industries are also taking the appropriate ways on how to cope up with the increasing demands of today’s sophisticated lifestyle. The fact that traditional practices are getting outdated only signifies that we are to embrace novel approach in dealing with a massive clientele through our fast and reliable services. Continue reading

Learning from the Thoughts of the Greatest Thinker in the Mobile World – Steve Jobs


Steven Paul Jobs or most popularly known as Steve Jobs was a visionary and creative genius who ushered humanity to a dimension of futuristic insights and innovations. He was a man who awakened us to a world of endless possibilities, inspiring young minds to dream and make them happen. The legacy left by Jobs is indelible in history. His contribution to the mobile industry has influenced not just the business sector but even penetrated the rest of human activities. Truly his passion and ingenuity became the model for present-day companies, schools, and organizations to optimize their potentials and skills for success.
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