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Why Buy Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile 2-in-1 Book?

nd the World of Mobile Book

His legacy, ideas, and principles became an epitome in the sphere of mobile technology. That’s what Steve Jobs marked in our generation. But his untimely death still left a lot of people wanting for more. Curious minds arise just to find out the real story behind the life of this great man who brought to us incredible innovations such as the iPhone, iPad, i-Tunes and i-Life. Many books and biographies have been released showcasing the never-been heard details of this person’s interesting life. One of the best-selling masterpieces is written by Patrick Meyer, Jobs’ long time observer and appreciator. It was his idea of crafting this famous bio to go deeper into the gist of Jobs’ work and to make a sense out of it for the sake of work itself.

Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile is a passionate exploration created by Patrick Meyer to reveal Jobs’ vision and motivation in perspective, and to unleash insights for the future of an increasingly technology-driven world. This latest book lands perfectly in the midst of a rising trend where audience really wants to be a part of the story. Continue reading

Books Go High Tech by Adding NFC Tags

Steve-Jobs-and-the-World-of-MobileThe CEO of Barnes & Noble might be getting a lot of attention when he mentioned plans to add an NFC (near-field communication) ability to a future Nook so it can buy ebooks in store, but it looks like at least one publisher has beaten him to the punch: Patrick Meyer with his book Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile, which hit store shelves earlier this month. This book has an NFC chip embedded in the front cover.

Samsung currently is running a nation-wide ad campaign: putting up posters that included NFC chips which can enable late-model Samsung smartphone to get ebooks, music, or other free contents when the devices are tapped to the said poster. The NFC chip in the cover of Patrick’s book works in a similar fashion: allowing book browsers to watch an interview of Patrick by just tapping the book with their NFC-equipped smartphone. An NFC chip can be useful in getting the attention of someone browsing in a bookstore. That potential customer would be much more likely to tap their smartphone to the book cover, which is an easier process than to scan a QR code.

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