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Field of Medicine finds Google Glass a Helpful Asset


When one of Google’s big bosses Sergey Brin introduced Glass, the spectators and consumers in the world of technology got excited, but doubtful at the same time. Who would have thought that wearing a responsive computer like the way anyone would wear a pair of sun glasses is possible. But like any other technological innovations, it quickly became the subject to countless rounds of criticisms in every way possible.

Despite the hesitations and disapprovals, however, some organizations in different fields found good use to this avant-garde wearable device that will forever change the way a task is completed. Thus, the good use puts the fancy Glass in the productivity booster category big time. Continue reading

10 Great Free Cloud Storage Services for on-the-go Businesses


One of the many things the combined eras of mobility and Internet has allowed us is the ability to put our digital assets in the cloud and be able to access them regardless of where we are connected and what capable devices we are using. This is especially very helpful for accessing and editing business files while on the go.

If floppy disks and flash drives are the things in the past for us wanting to transfer/bring business crucial files from one device to another, now we only need an Internet connection on supported devices plus a subscription to any available cloud storage options to be able to access and work on the same digital files on different computing devices we have.
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