Why Your Business Marketing Strategies Should include Mobile Advertising


If you are managing the marketing strategies for your business and you have found no significant improvement in conversions and sales or you are simply in the search for something that can bring your business’ sales to a new margin, it might be worthwhile to do some mobile marketing experiments if you have not already. There are many ways in which your brand can make good use of the opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding mobile arena. If you need a list of motivations for you to do something about it, read on.

Target Demographic

With the constantly growing number of people already have their own smart devices, mobile is becoming a great crowd where you can shout out things about your brand and get customers.

One of the things that probably make you hold back is the uncertainty on what demographics can be targeted in the mobile crowd. Each of us operates businesses that target unique sets of age groups. Thus, if mobile marketing is working for brand A does not mean the same thing will work for your brand. However, mobile has grown so expanded that it now holds every age group you would need to reach out to.

In recent surveys, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have seen a rapidly increasing numbers in 45-64 age bracket users in addition to the already overflowing existence of teenagers, 20s and 30s in their platforms. And let’s number forget Tumblr. There is, for sure, a good reason why Gap buys up all of Tumblr’s mobile ads for a day.

Your task then is to rightfully select the best mobile platform that also enables you to strategically customize your ad serving so your brand gets exposed to the most relevant users.

Exploding Digits of Mobile User

As mentioned above, the mobile crowd had grown so big that it has become one of the best locations to try and experiment with different and optimized business marketing campaigns. And to prove the validity of this statement, there is nothing more compelling that to look at the numbers achieved by Mark Zuckerberg with his pride Facebook. In a recent report, Facebook tallied 945 million active mobile users. At any given time moving forward, it is expected to hit a billion users. Now, that’s a serious count for you to not head on to Facebook’s mobile advertising platform and start running your ads.

Connected Devices over Cable Networks

The great thing about running ads on TV is that you can get your business’ message to millions of viewers in an instant and it is fantastic in keeping the viewers reminded. The problem is that it can be very expansive, especially for the small, start-up and testing-the-water guys. Luckily though, mobile is a great alternative to TV advertising. With the rapidly growing numbers of connected devices, a million ad views can be achieved in just a day. And the best part is almost anyone can afford mobile marketing, let alone the ability to customize ad serving and for the users to easily interact with it.


Some platforms (I highly suggest you find and choose them) offers pay-per-action scheme. What this means to your business? It means you can better quantify ROI by only paying for customers who have actually executed the action suggested after viewing your ad. This also allows for testing and experiments so you know what works from what not before going all-in.

Convenience and on-the-go

The reason why mobile is a great platform to run advertisements is that it is becoming the preferred method for online access and that it serves as a handy companion to users. It is has become a tool people use to shop for things online, solve little challenges in life, or access a sea of information, and by that it means it goes everywhere with them. In this regard it essentially becomes the perfect platform to target needs, moods and emotions which are proven to offer greater conversions.

Sharp Geotargeting

Another reason why you will see your business breaks new records in conversions and sales with mobile advertising is that the platform is equipped with a very accurate tracking technology and by that it allows you to target users according to where they are currently standing. If your business happens to be a restaurant, then people on-the-go looking for places to eat nearby through their mobile device are absolutely the perfect targets. With the right platform and an array of viewer filter options, you can easily target these users.

Your Competitor is in it

Mobile is no longer a secret to anybody. While we are talking about why you should incorporate mobile advertising to your business marketing strategies, your competitors are probably reaping benefits from it already, and it might be the ultimate reason why they are so much ahead of your business in terms of revenues. So why not take the step and be on the same level with your competitors? But assuming they’re not in it yet, mobile marketing can be your step ahead and the preeminent move in shifting your game.

You may be wondering if there were success stories I could share that can drive you in trying out mobile advertising. Well, as a matter for fact, there is. Tracey Wallace on Mashable had written about the 4 businesses winning with mobile advertising and I would like to briefly enumerate them here.

Rock/Creek – this outdoor gear and apparel company found help in Twitter’s Promoted Accounts as they were challenged with the goal of sticking out around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The trick used was a sense of urgency planted on a very huge crowd which resulted into a 40% increase in sales.

Karaoke Heroes – this karaoke bar in the state of Connecticut found Facebook Ads as the likely platform they need to get customers in their door, and they’re right. They like the pay-per-action setup and 2/3 of their customers found them on Facebook.

Colombo & Hurd – a law firm in Florida that was able to come up with an optimized mobile advertising campaign with Google Adwords. Focusing on mobile allowed them to put a “Call Now” on their ad rendered on mobile devices which enabled customers to easily do a click-to-call response. 3x increase in mobile conversions was achieved.

Just Salad – a salad chain that can be found in three different locations; New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.  They used Foursquare Ads to market on mobile. Why? Simply because it is all about location and Foursquare’s pay-per-action scheme aligned with their budgeting. Thus, the experiment allowed them to run a geotargeted campaign which offers more benefits than financial burden.

Now, it is your time to try and share your mobile advertising success story after. Get your business exposed to, and products/services consumed, where a massive influx of digital consumers can be found.

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