Cracking the Magic Word From Inside Innovation


Today’s tech-driven society has dealt a big package of new opportunities generated from the brains of innovation focused professionals. There’s a new factor breaking through the world today – a top secret that leads to creating big wins whether you are a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, an investor or a company eyeing into the future. It all begins with M and it is found within the word Innovation and only emerged in a great way when the legendary Steve Jobs grabbed the spotlight as he launched the iPhone in June 2007.

Curious about that? Or maybe you’ve heard a lot of it. Yes, we’re talking about Mobile! It’s a treasure, a charm or a nugget of success found inside of a major segment of innovation surfacing right now. Take a search on the portfolio of global venture capital leader Sequoia, refer to the annual Techcrunch Disrupt event, or delve deeper into the turnaround strategies of Meyer at Yahoo, Zuckerberg of Facebook… mobile is steering the future of these companies and personalities. Plus, think of the millions of people who think of mobile as smartphones or a conduit of media.

CEO Futurist Patrick Meyer has influenced the industry with his numerous insights about mobile. As a disciple of Jobs, he has inspired and motivated various marketing executives across the globe bringing his keynote speeches and demonstrations all talking about mobile.

Meyer stresses out the importance of putting Mobile+ upfront in the innovation efforts of companies, fused into their strategies, objectives and procedures. Mobile PLUS comprises a whole dynamic integration of: up-and-coming smart devices and wearable gadgets, the fusion of it with the efficient and scalable cloud, with social, the new EAT or engagement and activation technology (NFC, e-payments, iBeacons, sensors, etc.), mobile commerce, the world of apps and the exploding selection of enterprise platforms.

Recently, Meyer spoke at his alma mater Villanova University during this year’s TEDx event. Present on that occasion are the students and I.C.E. members who undividedly gave their attention to his innovation-centered lecture. The event highlighted the relevance of Mobile Plus and its impact when fused into the front and core of idea and innovation building efforts. Meyer asserted that once you strap the mobile+ rocket into your business strategies, success rate, ROI and even the future finances and ultimate market place delivery will advance to a different level.

There were 5 simple drivers discussed during the TEDx talk: WOW mobile experience, re-invented business models, mobile multiplier advantage, engagement and activation technology, and mobile monetization.

1. WOW Mobile User Experience (UX) is inspired by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs which carries simple, intuitive and delicious killer function. But today, wow user experience goes beyond software. There are platforms, apps, wearable devices, sensors, chips, and everything physical in our high-tech environment.

2. Reinvented business models are another driver that changes the wave of business around the world. A great example of this is UBER – a venture-funded startup which introduced a better way of getting a taxi or eco-friendly car and driver. The said transportation model created a buzz across the USA and even the world after a mobile platform was created combined with social tactics.

3. Mobile Multiplier Advantage seeks to level the playing field. 2.0 internet is now outdated. Today, users are enjoying little beneficial software tools called API’s or Application Programming Interface per Wikipedia. This enables everyone to gain access to information, images, content, etc. openly and free. Other examples include Foursquare, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and many more.

4. Engagement and Activation technology breaks open into our world to deliver deeper engagement with products and items around you. NFC solution platform enables a user to access the item with just a tap. Other technologies like chips and sensors add convenience at home and in the workplace.

5. Mobile monetization is all about mobile plus money. With this viable business model, you can turn a specific media, movie poster, stadium seats or your favorite varsity jacket into a “pop-up store in your hand”.

All these and more are the captivating sights and wonders that mobile+ can offer. There’s definitely a spacious room of possibilities when you explore the new M inside of innovation. If this impacted you, don’t hesitate to crack the magic word inside of innovation and then integrate it in building your future.

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