5 Awesome Marketing Apps Your Business should be using


A business without clients is not at all a business. Your business probably offers the best products or services in its covered area, but without the clients to consume/use them, you’d have no sale to keep track of. It is not going to be sustainable nor will it achieve the desired result. And so, as someone who owns and operates one, your ultimate goal is to find and implement a strategy that will activate the floodgates of clients and sales to it. And while your chosen marketing strategy may bring challenges along the way, there are these awesome marketing tools you can use to make the execution easy and tracking as handy. Are ready for some on-the-go marketing tracking and optimization upgrade?

Pipedrive – https://www.pipedrive.com/en/home/drive

When your marketing is on, you want a way to keep track of your sales pipeline. This is what Pipedrive will enable you to do. Tracking of the conversions will allow you to focus on the tactics that work. This powerful Sale CRM gives you the ability to see each part in your business’ marketing flow in a highly organized and comprehensive view. It even digs down to the individuals who have actually made those sales for you, so to allow you to see who’s effective at what marketing goal.  It comes paid, but it’s currently available for a 30-day free trial period.

Sqwiggle – https://www.sqwiggle.com/

For businesses with manpower located in different locations, there is no better tool to use in order to bring the manpower closer together in a single collective space, but Sqwiggle. The tool creates your business an office in the cloud which connects the employees from anywhere resulting in an instant increase in human collaboration – a crucial element in taking the advantage and keeping business competence in this new and competitive era. And the way Sqwiggle is allowing this to happen is like a tap on the shoulder experience. The main feature is simply just click and talk. That is – click a teammate’s picture and you’re instantly in for a live discussion.

Boomerang for Gmail – http://www.boomeranggmail.com/

Gmail is one the email services available for free today, and it’s one of the useful products Google created, but since it’s free it comes with limitations. However, add the functionalities of Boomerang to it and you’ll have a highly effective email marketing combo tool. Boomerang for Gmail allows you to have control of when you send and receive email messages in Chrome/Firefox/Safari. That is to say with this extension, you can set email messages to be sent later, keep track of important messages, and be reminded when you didn’t hear back from those you emailed. It’s basically free, but unlimited use would require a little monthly fee.

Fantastical – http://www.flexibits.com/fantastical-iphone

Organizing things can be hard, especially when you only have your memory to keep track of the series of tasks you need to attend to each and every day in order to maintain and grow your business. That is why tools like a calendar is very crucial to anybody’s success as being organized in dealing with business matters is one of the keys to achieve goals.

Fortunately for us, Flexibits is aware of this crucial demand and created Fantastical – a calendar app which takes the traditional calendar we’ve known to a whole new level. Just imagine being able to set and forget repeating tasks and be reminded on or before those tasks should take place. For those event reminders you save with addresses, corresponding map displays tell you where to go. You can use it to call, email, or message meeting invitees. It’s full of features I couldn’t mention them all here, but for you to discover.

Xero – http://www.xero.com/

I hear you cry for an efficient tool you can use to handle your invoicing and accounting. I heard that and what comes to mind is Xero. This app allows you to easily share access to your latest business numbers with your team and accountant anywhere. You can connect your bank accounts, credit cards, even Paypal, to generate a collected and real-time view of your business’ financial part. This greatly lets you control your cashflow. As with your customers, this tool allows you to create and send professional invoices and receive payments online – you can even make this automatic. The rest of its features I leave to you to investigate.

It is fun but a challenging task to market and grow a business, especially your own. It’s a complex process, a dealing that ultimately demands hard work. But as someone who is equipped with the right tools to ease the process, no complexity/difficulty can stand in the way. Above are useful marketing tools. Use them to your advantage.

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