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5 Awesome Marketing Apps Your Business should be using


A business without clients is not at all a business. Your business probably offers the best products or services in its covered area, but without the clients to consume/use them, you’d have no sale to keep track of. It is not going to be sustainable nor will it achieve the desired result. And so, as someone who owns and operates one, your ultimate goal is to find and implement a strategy that will activate the floodgates of clients and sales to it. And while your chosen marketing strategy may bring challenges along the way, there are these awesome marketing tools you can use to make the execution easy and tracking as handy. Are ready for some on-the-go marketing tracking and optimization upgrade? Continue reading

3 Golden Lessons brought to us by Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp


Flip through the business sections of any newspaper and you will encounter numerous stories about acquisitions and takeovers but only few of them brought an extraordinary rave among consumers, unlike those that involve tech companies.

So it is today that the world was caught by surprise upon hearing the news that Facebook has bought WhatsApp in a contract worth $19 billion. It trounces, by some margin, the $1 billion the social network paid for Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform. It is also close to tripling the $7.2 billion purchase that Microsoft dealt with Nokia for its entire mobile company. And mind you, it’s one of the biggest technology takeovers since HP acquired Compaq for $25 billion in 2001. Continue reading

Cracking the Magic Word From Inside Innovation


Today’s tech-driven society has dealt a big package of new opportunities generated from the brains of innovation focused professionals. There’s a new factor breaking through the world today – a top secret that leads to creating big wins whether you are a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, an investor or a company eyeing into the future. It all begins with M and it is found within the word Innovation and only emerged in a great way when the legendary Steve Jobs grabbed the spotlight as he launched the iPhone in June 2007.
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Why Your Business Marketing Strategies Should include Mobile Advertising


If you are managing the marketing strategies for your business and you have found no significant improvement in conversions and sales or you are simply in the search for something that can bring your business’ sales to a new margin, it might be worthwhile to do some mobile marketing experiments if you have not already. There are many ways in which your brand can make good use of the opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding mobile arena. If you need a list of motivations for you to do something about it, read on.
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