Driving Your Life to the Future: Patrick Meyer’s 14 Fearless Insights for 2014


2014 is definitely in and the world is thrilled to catch the next wave of upgrades to conquer the business and corporate scene. Consumers are now thinking big on what this year has in store for them as they embrace a brand new perspective in dealing with political, social, commercial and even personal matters. This year, the emerging fresh ideas and concepts would surely open another threshold of opportunities to drive your life to the future.

CEO Futurist Patrick Meyer takes the lead to welcome the year with his keen insights and fearless drivers that will help you adjust to the swirling dynamics of competition. Being a renowned motivational speaker and marketing expert, Patrick chose to deliver accurate and realistic points by giving insights and not predictions. His well-crafted list of prospective trends and newsmakers for 2014 covers a multi-dimensional presentation. As a matter of fact, the 14 drivers which you are about to watch puts the spotlight on brands, personalities and companies that have started off a significant mark on the mainstream last year.

To satisfy your curiosity, let me give you a quick overview of these insightful drivers that will help shift your game in 2014.

The Obama Legacy. Patrick accentuates that President Obama’s search for legacy will be heightened this year. His controversial Obamacare program remains a hot issue for Americans plus more domestic and international politics added to this matrix of controversies.

Mobile 3.0 Emerges. New smarter business driving solutions will continue to rise this year. Patrick believes that wearables, chips, and sensors will steal the show this 2014. Apple and Samsung’s rivalry might be intensified by emerging brands and platforms. So it’s high time for you to harness your mobile 3.0 to drive your future.

Panama Ripple. Patrick highlights the wider Panama Canal which signifies commercial opportunities and advantages. This long-time international conduit will now provide bigger speed and cost advantages plus a major shift in the transport industry.

World Cup, World Live. The major sports event of the year has long been a favorite for global viewers. Today, the game gets a new exciting flavor as the latest smartphones treat you with live mobile video. Sharing moments will never be the same – it’s just a matter of tap and click.

Uber Effect. This business model re-invention is a kind of mobile 3.0 solution cascading across the globe. The U.S. has successfully adapted this type of technology which aimed to provide convenience and comfort for the public transportation.

Innovation 3.0. Of course, today’s generation will certainly raise their thumbs to consider mobile as the number 1 driver of innovation. Patrick, whose life and career has been devoted to discovering business concepts and ideas, believes in the power of mobile to transform our daily lives. For 6 years, mobile has been a reliable method, strategy, approach or technique to leverage sales and brand recognition. 2014 will be another exceptional year for E-commerce, cloud, smartphones, apps, games, and beyond!

The next big thing is just around the corner. Whether you’re a company executive, a marketing officer, a politician, a businessman or a plain consumer, you should not be left behind on what’s going to capture the world this year. Keep abreast with the latest insights and begin to shape your future with the productive things you do today.

Watch the full video presentation of Patrick Meyer’s 14 For 2014: Insights not Predictions below:

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