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The Chameleon Web: Why Deploy a Responsive Business Website Today


Time always leads us to a different and all new experience. In the world of technology, for instance, each year brought us to a new era of innovation. It can be remembered that our ancestors started out with the bulky gadgets that can only do a task at a time. Then, the Internet was introduced – gathering people from different parts of the earth into a single yet vast virtual field allowing anyone the option to directly be in contact with anybody in spite of the distance. Now, time has brought us to a world where different things can be done by just tapping a screen illuminating different options while on the go; a scene which people from 100 years ago probably might have thought of as the impossible future.
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CES Gadgets: The Fresh New Technologies You Could Own this Year


Another global innovation get together was staged by CES and we are left to speculate about if those new innovations packed in the form of unique, sleek and well-crafted packages we saw introduced are going to hit the mass production stage for us to actually own as many as we can afford. The reality is that most of the new and exciting technologies presented in the CES are “vaporware” – a unique term usually used by tech fanatics to describe CES-introduced concepts that never really hit the marketplace for selling. These new innovations opened our minds to different and unique possibilities only to find out after months of waiting that they are nowhere to be found in any marketplace we browse through.

Fortunately though, not all product concepts introduced during a CES event are vaporware. In fact, there is quite a list of exciting new products presented in the CES 2014 event that we can actually own this year and 14 of them are the following:
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3 Interesting Topics Covered during the CES 2014 Event


CES 2014 has recently been concluded, and we’d like to take a review of the interesting topics that were brought to public’s attention during the event.

One of the reasons why CES is very popular and highly anticipated is that it has been, and will always be, the location for us to see the introduction of new ideas by creative and skilful makers, builders, manufacturers, and new and known innovators.

But with so many product/feature/update introductions, we usually end up with so much information to dig in. So, whether you want a little help in filtering down your notes to the most significant ones, or someone who has not attended the event and wanting a quick note of the compelling things revealed during the CES event, you get your help here. Without further ado, below are three of the most interesting stories uncovered in the CES 2014 event.
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Driving Your Life to the Future: Patrick Meyer’s 14 Fearless Insights for 2014


2014 is definitely in and the world is thrilled to catch the next wave of upgrades to conquer the business and corporate scene. Consumers are now thinking big on what this year has in store for them as they embrace a brand new perspective in dealing with political, social, commercial and even personal matters. This year, the emerging fresh ideas and concepts would surely open another threshold of opportunities to drive your life to the future.
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Is it the Best Time to go for a 4G LTE Smartphone?


You probably have heard of 4G LTE being the highlight in different carrier commercials. They talk of it as the widest, fastest and the next big thing, prompting you to ask yourself if it is now the best time to ditch your 3G-only capable handset in place of a more high-end, 4G LTE smartphone.

Sprint made the first move when they offered the first 4G smartphone, HTC Evo 4G, in 2010. AT&T and T-Mobile took a different step forward by luring consumers with a supercharged 3G network – the HSPA+, while Verizon brought about Long Term Evolution or LTE, which eventually become the winner of the connection speed battle. Adding 2014, it’s been 4 years since the 4G battle had started, and so it is normal for us to think that 4G LTE connections are everywhere nowadays. But, is it? Is it now the best time to finally grab a 4G LTE device to start enjoying a faster speed connection?
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