Why You Should Add Video Advertising to Your Business’ Marketing Campaigns Mix


A representation on how a Facebook video ad may look like.

There are a lot of ways to promote a business online. In the internet marketing category, there is the search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, referral marketing and content marketing. In search engine marketing category, a business can experiment with pay per click and cost per impression schemes. If the promotion is required to target users’ actions in somebody else’ website, there is the contextual advertising as well as behavioural targeting in the display advertising category.

Some businesses also make use of profit sharing schemes just to keep the promotion going and sales pumping by way of cost per action and revenue sharing programs under the affiliate marketing category. And with the advent of smartphones, mobile marketing is becoming a viable solution to capture the attention of the always on the go netizens. With any combination of these marketing campaigns, your business basically has the way to get the attention it needs and to generate the required ROI, so why add video advertising to the mix?

The Benefits:

More Oriented Customers

One of the challenges the advertisers are facing is to explain their business to target consumers. While this can be done with a long text of FAQs and How-Tos to go along with the conversion-optimized sales page, it is worthy of attention to offer sales pitches and FAQs in one single and interactive package. Text and image ads can catch attention, but a video ad can instruct and educate possible customers right then and there where it is served.

Easy to Spread Across

When you create a video ad that’s well-thought, informative, funny or entertaining, it can make viewers talk and share about it to people they know. Just imagine a viewer who liked it shared it to thousands of his/her friends via social media. With the ease of sharing videos through social media platforms, you have a way to expand your video ad’s reach by just having it share-worthy.

Expanded Visibility via Search Rankings

Certainly, there are types of search queries where videos are the best answers, thus allowing query-relevant videos to rank well, if not first, on search engines’ results pages. All you have to do is to optimize the data it comes with, for example the title, description and tags. It would also be wise to upload the video ad to different video sharing sites while varying the details in each upload so to allow each copy to rank on different but correlated search terms.

Hard to Miss

Once the video ad starts playing, especially when it carries a share-ability factor, the rest of the length of it can be hard to miss. Thus, it generates a high level of attention, allowing you more time to explain/showcase your business’ products and/or services or educate the viewer. This gives you more time to convince whoever will view the video advertisement to do something, for example visit a link that is displayed or call a number to avail promo.

A Killer Strategy

Your competition is probably not doing video marketing, so when you do, you are putting your business in front on all of them. I even doubt if they have the slightest idea on how influential this can be to growing business sales and improving brand awareness. So, having you mix video marketing to your existing online marketing campaigns makes your business a competition leader.

Sales Booster

With a perfected video ad carrying effective sales pitch with the best call-to-action in place, it will not be long before you will see your business generate sales exponentially. This is not impossible especially when your video educates your customers and makes viewers talk about it and share it forward.

Video Advertising Platforms

If you have an extra budget to spend, you can take your video marketing further by not just sitting there and wait for the viewers to really talk about it and spread it across. There are promising platforms you can try and experiment with your video ads:



Yes, the #1 video sharing website. Youtube is a great platform to host your videos and drive in people to view them. But if you find it hard to increase the number of views, let alone targeted views, to your videos, you can jump to the paid video advertising section. This option allows you to reach the right people at the right time that quickest time possible.

By the way, each month YouTube welcomes more than 1 billion unique users. That fact alone makes it a recommended video advertisement serving platform if you have a campaign that needs to generate millions of views in just a few days. Youtube triggers a video ad inside the same container of a video that a user clicks to view regardless of it embedded somewhere or on Youtube itself.



Yes, the #1 social networking website. With over a billion people log into Facebook each month, it’s no longer your ordinary networking site. What’s great is that it allows you to upload videos to your account that can be viewed by thousands of your friends. When your friends react by liking or sharing the videos, it can possibly go viral in just a matter of days. If they’re not, you can still work with a series of relevant groups or make use of the promote post feature to generate the views.

More on the bright side, Facebook is now experimenting with video ads. They are reportedly serving up video ads that pop up and play when users check their news feeds. Just imagine how many from a billion of people load up their news feeds in a day. You can easily generate a billion views to your video advertisement if you set to viewable by all and if your budget can cover how expensive that can be. But targeting only 1% of a billion is still a lot of views which could mean a lot of sales if your ad is effective enough to convert views into purchases or signups.

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