The Coolest Gadgets that Buzzed the Technology World this Year


As we are about to say goodbye to the year 2013 and welcome 2014, it made perfect sense to take a look back at what the ending year had offered us as consumers of the innovative technologies brought about by tech companies that were nonstop innovating. For sure talking about it will generate a very long list of notable tech gadgets, so I decided to filter it to the coolest for sure each one of us can remember.

Pebble –

This high-tech watch is none other than the only thing you need clipped around your wrist, especially if you are an on-the-go type of a tech junkie individual. It is an iPhone and Android smartwatch that can do a lot of things necessary of attention in your day to day life. Its scratch and shatter resistant lens allows you to move carelessly while its 5-7 day capable battery means you can do a lot of things with it even in direct sunlight before it gives up for a recharge. It’s customizable, waterproof and the thing that can totally replace your expensive gold watch.

Leap Motion –

If you ever need of something that can help you with your game playing or design works with just a wave of a hand, add Leap Motion to your gadgets. The Leap Motion controller can be used with both a PC and a Mac. What it does is simply to put the control of your computing device in the gestures of your hand. Gaming will be totally different as well as creative works. If you have chosen mouse over a track pad, you will probably choose this over both of them.

Google Chromecast –

Where this gadget is highly appreciated is when you find your HDMI capable HDTV dumb and you want it to be smart like a SmartTV. It really does a simple task, and it works like a gem. To set it up, you need to plug it in to your HDTV via HDMI port and connect it to your home network via setup interface. To give it command to play media for you, you will need to install the supporting app on your Android, iOS or laptop device. These devices will simply act as your remote control and you can continue using them the way you should after sending any command to Chromecast for broadcast to your HDTV. It’s really a little piece of gadget yet it provides a very important function most of us badly need.

Google Glass –

Yes! The thing that appears like glasses but is actually equipped with a high-tech circuit board that allows you to do things like tracking your rides, visualizing your progress and making your friends see what you are seeing regardless of where they are. The best thing about Google Glass is that it allows you to do the recording of moments in your life hands-free, which means you don’t have to sacrifice a task in place of holding a camera to capture something. In fact, it does things with just a voice command, which allows you to multitask more effectively. Sending a message to a friend while riding your bicycle is a breeze. Checking locations nearby while walking with heavy loads in your hands is now doable.

Samsung NX300 –

For the dudes who are into photography, Samsung just took the interest/hobby this year to another level. Samsung NX300 comes with an array of technical features that media geeks need. To mention some of its features, there is the 20 megapixel CMOS sensor, the Samsung NX system lens mount, the HD video recording which can produce an mpeg4/H.264 format with up to 1920×1080 pixels/60 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi for quick sharing, AMOLED display, ISO ranging from 100 to 25,600, creative filters and GPS. If you need a high-power camera that can do tricks like sharing and location tracking, don’t forget this item.

LG G Flex –

As smartphone companies have come closer to an equal level playing field, each struggles to find new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and capitalize on innovation-hungry tech consumers. It’s a no surprise then that companies like LG made a quick-witted attempt to offer something that’s beyond usual, a flexing smartphone. It’s a new product with a new form factor. Everything an LG smartphone already has is in it except everything is designed to flex and curve. Some reviews point out that it might not be a good buy for now for its premium price, but who cares if you are collecting the unusual.

Apple iPad Air –

Who would have thought that Apple could still offer something new out of their already popular product tagged collectively as iPad. With the introduction of iPad Air, consumers once again were drawn to Apple stores creating long queue lines.

Why the iPad Air captured buyers’ hearts? The best way to answer this is to actually learn what it’s built with.

iPad Air comes weighing just a pound. It’s 28% lighter and 20% thinner than its forerunners. On the performance side, this lightweight gadget offers up to 2 times CPU performance with A7 chip, up to 2 times graphics performance and up to 10 hour battery life, not to mention it welcomes 2 antennas and up to 2 times faster Wi-Fi connection.

Apple iPhone 5S –

iPhone 5 may not have gained Apple impressive sales to take Samsung’s top position, but the model that succeeds it did the matchup – the iPhone 5S. But what really made consumers curious about this update is the security sensor it comes with. Apple coined this smartsphone security feature as Touch ID where it enables you to make use of your finger print as an added access security to your iPhone. Apple placed the sensor in the same area where the home button can be found.

While some reviews pointed that this added security can be bypassed, it didn’t stop iPhone fanatics and new comers from taking the long lines of queue just to get their hands on 5S, especially the one that comes in gold.

Samsung Galaxy Note3+Gear –

When Apple introduced its new flagship, Samsung is already busy preparing the introduction of its latest tech offer – the Galaxy Note3+Gear. It promises to make your ordinary daily tasks extraordinary. How this gadget is going to do that? Well, it comes loaded with features that are nowhere can be found in each of the competitors’ offerings.

To enumerate the features, Samsung Galaxy Note3+Gear comes with the S Pen which enables you to do things like issuing commands via Air Command, write interactive notes with Action Memo, compile your life with Scrap Book, locate things within or online with S Finder, capture clips with Easy Clip and organize your thoughts with S Note. On top of that, you also get to enjoy a multi-window feature on a 5.7” full HD screen. The Galaxy Gear is a Galaxy Note3 companion that I think is trying to block Pebble in the Note3 environment.

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