On-the-Go Customer Relationship Management


For a fast-growing business, there is nothing more valuable than having access to tools that can be used to manage customer relationships and the loads of data and information that come flowing with them. Yes, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn had grown big and sophisticated enough to be the likely tool for this purpose, but a CRM system is no less than an architecture built similarly around people and relationships.

Great customer relationship is always the foundation of any new business. But as the business grows, the line that connects it to customers can become more complex that a system that allows easy management of the data-loaded connections becomes highly necessary, especially when there is a need to get the information across to different departments working with the same customers or keep track of the sales. This is where a CRM system can be the perfect tool. It can serve as the business’ central nerve handling crucial connections that occur in an expanding business. The good news is that they are now made accessible via smart handheld devices, like an iPhone.

Yes, the system that can be the solution to your business’ struggle in maintaining customer relationship, in task assignments and in sales tracking can now be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. This opens up the possibility of you attending to your business’ customer relations, tasks allocations as well as tracking of revenue doable wherever you go. Whether you are enjoying your coffee in a Starbucks coffee shop, meeting with new clients on locations they requested, at home watching TV, or even walking in the streets; with a CRM system that has an optimized and extended support for mobile users, you can attend to your business’ needs anywhere you are.

You probably have thought that most web-based CRM systems can be accessed via a mobile browser which leads you to think you really don’t need the app version and that the idea of on-the-go CRM has long existed. While that can be true, a CRM app is more optimized for mobile devices than its web-based counterpart being viewed in a mobile browser. Also, there are certain functionalities that can only be done with a native app.

Of course, this update wouldn’t be complete without enumerating the CRM apps that you can download right now. Unfortunately though, the following list only includes CRM system apps that are available for iOS-based smartphone users.

oraclecrmOracle CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales
(Free, rated 4+, developed by Oracle America, Inc. for both iPhone and iPad)

If you are already using Oracle CRM On Demand, this app allows real-time and secure access to your important CRM data in it. Having this installed on your iOS device makes critical sales information accessible with just a tap of your finger. Through this you can access your accounts, contacts, appointments, tasks, opportunities, leads, and notes wherever internet connection is available on your iPhone.

salesforcecrmSalesforce Touch
(Free, rated 4+, developed by Salesforce.com for both iPhone and iPad)

You can simply be more productive with Salesforce Touch as it allows a fast and easy way to view and edit your Salesforce information on your iPhone or iPad. With this app, you can easily view and update customer records and opportunities. You even use this app to market your group and grab a deal wherever you may be located.

basecrmBase CRM and Sales Tracking
(Free, rated 4+, developed by Future Simple for both iPhone and iPad)

This app allows managing of contacts, tracking of sales and creating tasks for free wherever you have your iPhone or iPad connected. Seeing where you stand on each one of your deals, what your next tasks are and the information you captured from each meeting you have with your clients is crucial to your business’ success. Future Simple understands these scenario and developed Base CRM and Sales Tracking to have you covered while you’re on the go.

sapcrmSAP CRM Sales V2.1
(Free, rated 4+, developed by SAP AG for both iPhone and iPad)

If you have several SAP CRM accounts and you want to easily access them wherever you wish to be, SAP AG already thought of it which made the development of the SAP CRM Sales app. With this, your crucial contacts, leads, opportunities, orders and CRM calendar can be accessed in real time with just a few touches. You can plan your calls with this app, and can also take advantage of the seamless GPS integration to find nearby leads and customers. Above all, you get free business insights with its inbuilt analytics.

zohocrmZoho CRM
(Free, rated 4+, developed by Zoho Corporation for both iPhone and iPad)

You probably need a mobile solution to Zoho’s web CRM, and so here comes the Zoho CRM for your iOS device. It offers mobile access to all your customers’ information available online. With this app, you have a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing all your business’ crucial activities, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Inventory. The information you need can still be accessed offline should you be in a situation where connecting to the internet is not possible. Offline updates will be auto-synced once connected back to the internet.

Implementing a CRM system and supplementing the access with the use of the mobile-optimized font-end provided can offer your business the greatest activity tracking power it needs and the really needed benefits. A CRM app can help you boost your business’ sales and employee engagement as well as increase customer satisfaction by being there when you are most required by your customers and your colleagues regardless of where you are.

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