On the Spotlight: Villanova Business Magazine 2013 Fall/Summer Edition


Villanova Business, the official bi-annual publication of Villanova School of Business recently published its latest edition for summer and fall of 2013. The premier institution offers new humanistic design, notable images, and thought-provoking articles that exclusively cover the School of Business community.

Each year, the digital magazine features an array of fresh inclusions from the latest news, top personalities, achievements, rankings and innovations associated with the students, faculty, staff and alumni of VSB. Other than that, the publication also highlights significant events and overviews of new faculty studies and research.

This year Villanova Business takes another level of fineness and increased presence in different social media outlets bringing its comprehensive and in-depth stories and segments connected with the latest accomplishments of the business institution. As a tradition, the magazine centers on various honors and merits received by the school courtesy of its students and alumni. Plus, it features remarkable individuals who have great contributions to the business society and even other fields of interest.

Delving Deeper Beyond the Cover

Taking the cover page in this year’s edition is no less than Jim Cramer, one of America’s famous TV personality, author and host of the CNBC’s Mad Money. Cramer recently invaded Villanova and stirred up the entire campus with his day-long visit to the premier business institution. He is a Harvard College graduate and has been shaking America with his amazing ideas and insights when it comes to market and stock investments. His mind-blowing knowledge on business strategies really brought the house down and left the campus in total madness. In the magazine’s detailed article, Cramer voiced out an outstanding statement, “Villanova is a meaningful place. It’s a delight, and everyone’s been fabulous”. He also unveiled an ample of creative tips and tools aimed to empower investors. Discovering Cramer’s ultimate secrets was kind of sweet temptation that attracted over 800 students, staff and faculty to engage in stock investment. The show which was filmed in the Villanova campus emphasized its educational aspect since it teaches the audience on how to analyze stocks and market through a prism of events. But more than that, Villanova was privileged to earn such an honor for being the first business school dean to be interviewed by Jim Cramer, courtesy of Dean Maggitti.

Top Stories and Personalities

Catching the reader’s attention is Villanova’s roster of achievements through its students and alumni. Leading the page is the great contribution that women impacted in the business world. VB is proud to present excellent business women who have forged their outstanding feats. As products of the institution, these women are worthy of mention as they continuously promote career, challenges and strategies for success. This is annually done through an event featuring Villanova’s Professional Women Network.

Faculty members were also recognized in this recent edition. Michael L. Capella was named associate dean for Graduate and Executive Business Programs at VSB. Dr. Ronald Hill was also distinguished for his multiple awards for his outstanding research and teaching. Meanwhile Dr. John Pearce received the Exemplary Award from United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. A prestigious research award was also garnered by three VSB professors. Jeremy Kees and John Kozup received their respective awards for their article “Understanding How Visual Graphic Warnings Works on Cigarette Packaging”.

Patrick Meyer and his passion for innovation

He was born with innovation in his genes. This is exactly the words used by the writer in their Alumni Spotlight, a section that pays tribute to Patrick Meyer, one of VB’s brilliant products. In his brief but detailed story, Meyer remembers his past on how he became a notable person in the business world. He accounts that he was really a late bloomer in his childhood years, and never did he expect that out from a “follower” in him, a different Patrick will come out after his educational years in Villanova. His parents were passionate for entrepreneurship but it took him many years to fully embrace the craft that he has now – from his dormant younger self he rose up like a rocket and impacted the world.

Meyer admitted that he really thrived in VSB. He owed his success for the best education he had at VSB and for this, he made such a great input for his alma mater by establishing the ICE Meyer Awards. This award-giving center is dedicated to stress the importance of creativity and innovation. As the ICE Center continues to grow, Meyer finds it more important to recognize faculty and students in Villanova who foster the values encompassed by the organization.

Today, Patrick Meyer has extended his marketing insights and influence even to other countries. It was his dream to really bring positive impact to the world, and he did it by introducing modern approach for marketing and business. He was famous for bringing marketing 3.0 into the spotlight, writing best-selling books for business enthusiasts and speaking in big conferences attended by famous executives and brands. He has been tagged by the business arena as a marketing expert and guru because of his noteworthy skills and knowledge. In fact, he was one of the minds behind the famous Fortune 500 brands and business attaining line marketing experience at The Coca-Cola Company, Nobisco and Gillete. He also held senior consulting jobs for Unilever, Pepsi, Chrysler, Volkswagen and more. Currently, Patrick Meyer is a partner and chief marketing officer of ThinAire, the leader in mobile NFC Transmedia Solutions.

More from the Cream of the Crop

Villanova Magazine’s Fall and Summer Release is packed with more interesting stories and articles. There’s a feature story at the middle recounting a student’s experience in Silicon Valley. Students from the five colleges were privileged to visit the digital company Silicon Valley. The educational trip aimed to teach students on the issues and obstacles challenging the most innovative companies in the world and how they find solutions in a creative and collaborative manner.

More famous Villanova students and alumni are identified at the last pages of the publication. Achievements of VSB students in leadership, disciplines, advertising and accounting gained respective recognitions in this year’s fascinating edition.

Villanova Executive MBA ranked number 1 in peer learning, according to the recent Wall Street Journal.

All these and more are worthy of mention as Villanova School of Business continues to soar new heights not just in business education but also in the digital frontier.

Excited about the Villanova Business Fall/Summer 2013 magazine? Browse through it here.

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