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iPad Air: Presenting Apple’s Incremental Upgrade on its Tablet Flagship


Doing much more with so much less? This popular line has caught the impression of mobile consumers all over the world as Apple officially announced its latest version of iPad, the company’s flagship tablet. Carrying the awesome surprises of the fall event, Apple made another buzz in the realm of mobile innovation courtesy of the newly-named iPad Air. This fourth incarnation of iPad brings a ton of technology and all-new beautiful design which is built to modify the device on a fundamental level. Continue reading

The Heated Up Battle between Google, Facebook and Apple


Search engines have established an indispensable task in both commercial and domestic consumption. Today, leading companies continue to develop innovations aimed for elevating the standards of search for both mobile and non-mobile consumers.

For the record, Google has preserved its dominance when it comes to search. Its 70% market share has proven its worth being the most widely used tool for internet search activity. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Bing earns the second spot on the popular list.

However, Google is facing a string of challenges that might affect their current status. This is due to the emerging type of search called “conversational”, ”abstract” or the familiar “latent” search.
Continue reading

Five Useful Tools for Building Your Own Mobile Apps


Being an owner of a small business, there are several ways to build your own mobile app if you have find a good reason to do it.

But prior to diving deeper into the pool of app development, it is essential to familiarize first a number of more advanced choices for mobile development. Here’s a quick background on these specific platforms that are involved in the process: Continue reading