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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Augmented Reality Advertising


Business nowadays calls for more intelligent strategies and campaigns. As the world of technology continue to soar new heights of development, industries are also taking the appropriate ways on how to cope up with the increasing demands of today’s sophisticated lifestyle. The fact that traditional practices are getting outdated only signifies that we are to embrace novel approach in dealing with a massive clientele through our fast and reliable services. Continue reading

What Google Glass means to Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Innovators


We may not fly like superman, but we’re swiftly acquiring one of his superpowers.

This testimonial could actually delineate how Google Glass changed the perception of mobile consumers when it comes to high-end innovations and inventions. Who would expect that a giant company like Google could come up with such a crazy thing that combines leading technologies into one revolutionary device? Fusing smartphone, tablet, iPad, GPS, camera and other features into a single gadget is really beyond anyone’s expectation especially for ordinary people. But for businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, Google Goggles is not a total surprise. Why? It is because those companies that have been upgrading their systems have anticipated the emergence of this kind of technology. In fact, a lot of innovators have spent many years of creating computerized visual overlays, till such time that Google believed that it’s high time to get this technology ready. Continue reading

How Mobile Innovation is Affecting/Transforming Traditional Banking


The incredible gains made towards mobile phone access have seen a solid progress in the scale of innovations originating from exploitation of these practically new technologies. Smartphones and gadgets are benefiting not just the common consumers but the commercial and business sector as well. Mobile banking is one innovation which has steadily rendered itself in invasive ways cutting across various zones of industry and economy. Continue reading

Why Your Business Should Jump into the Mobile Innovation Wagon Today


In developing markets across the globe, the convergence of fast emerging economies and the rise in mobile phone usage will provide new opportunities for both workers and businesses. The recent study by Accenture and Vodafone projects that by 2020, sustained growth in the adoption of mobile technology, tied with their essential relevance in the workplace could create a huge shared value of $38 billion.
Continue reading

Ten Most Wanted Mobile Apps to Keep Your Business Going


Smartphones have gone a long way of providing our daily lives with convenience and style. Today, the use of mobile phones goes beyond entertainment and content sharing as it gives greater productivity for the business world. The use of mobile apps becomes not only helpful, but essential in getting the work done with ease and speed.

Based from the salient analysis given by app developers, here are the ten must-have mobile apps (at random) to keep your enterprise alive and kicking. Continue reading