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Learning from the Thoughts of the Greatest Thinker in the Mobile World – Steve Jobs


Steven Paul Jobs or most popularly known as Steve Jobs was a visionary and creative genius who ushered humanity to a dimension of futuristic insights and innovations. He was a man who awakened us to a world of endless possibilities, inspiring young minds to dream and make them happen. The legacy left by Jobs is indelible in history. His contribution to the mobile industry has influenced not just the business sector but even penetrated the rest of human activities. Truly his passion and ingenuity became the model for present-day companies, schools, and organizations to optimize their potentials and skills for success.
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The Cream of the Crop: Getting to Know the 2013 Meyer ICE Awardees

2013 ICE Center Awards

In recognition of their commendable traits in different disciplines, five young students and one faculty of Villanova University received the prestigious Innovation and Creative Excellence (ICE) Awards this year. The award-giving organization created and given by business innovator and marketer Patrick Meyer, announced last April 14, 2013 the list of winners who gave significant contributions for the development of Villanova University. Among these are: Matthew Altenberg, ’13 VLS, , Cassandra Postighone ’13 LAS, Alejandro Avellana’13 VSB, Stephen Schraer ’13 COE and Alexandria Reo ’13 CON. Edmond Dougherty, director for Engineering Entrepreneurship Program and assistant professor of engineering department, won the faculty ICE Award. Continue reading

Patrick Meyer and His Insights on Near-Field Communication


Marketing and Business 3.0 expert Patrick Meyer was recently interviewed by Rachel Ginsberg, Managing Editor of Brands + Commercial. Meyer was asked with essential queries on NFC or Near Field Communication and its advantages on today’s tech-driven society. The conversation was prolific with insights which certainly encompass the whole thought of the agenda. Here, let’s make a quick round-up of some of the most controversial aspects of NFC and how Thinaire brought light to this rapidly emerging technology. Continue reading

Mobile 3.0 and beyond: Patrick Meyer’s Dynamic Interview at the Advertising Show

The Advertising Show

The Advertising Show, America’s only radio program focusing on advertising, media, marketing, product development, branding and sales and customer relations previously invited CEO Futurist Patrick Meyer on their great show to promote his award-winning book and the facts behind his controversial “shift your game” campaign which created a big buzz in today’s technology-driven world.

Meyer, a regular guest of the radio show, was welcomed by the eloquent hosts Ray Schillens and Brad Forsythe who really gave a sweet introduction about the well-known marketing expert. The hosts interestingly affirmed that Meyer’s presence would be scandalously insightful and innovative that was apparently observed within the entire show.

The radio interview was decently productive and interactive. It started with a simple question in getting to know the guest on a personal level. “What is the most individual, single thing to learn from a Patrick Meyer?” Meyer said that he does keynote speaking and a lot of people approach him that he would be a motivational speaker. But he owed this confidence from his childhood years when he considers himself a “loser” at schoolwork. He admitted that it was an advantage to be challenged while you are younger to really strive and push hard to what you love doing. He believes that the challenges he met when he was a boy paved the way to what he is now. “I was able to overcome the past and speak in front of people,” he added. So he believes that taking up the stage and speaking in front of an audience showcasing his insights on digital, mobile, social, and e-tail marketing is a thing known to him.
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