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MENG’s First-Ever Virtual Summit Zooms in to Brand Engagement and Consumer Relationships

MENG Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit

“In an increasingly mobile-driven society, it is crucial to reach your audience at the right place and time to build brand engagement and consumer relationships.” – Claudio Schapsis, Chief Officer at Georilla Location-Based Marketing

This familiar statement became one of the salient perspectives during the first-ever MENG Virtual Summit on mobile and Location-Based Marketing held last April 18, 2012. It was attended by top thinkers in the field of mobile and communication fields who shared their admirable ideas and concepts on how to seize momentum in the mobile revolution. The conference centered on the great advantages of advertising and mobile marketing in enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of marketing message.

The Marketing Executives Network Group (MENG), a national organization of top-caliber marketing executives, assembled a cross-section of some of the prominent speakers, brands, and insight-givers who gave the latest scoops and updates on the amazing future of mobile and how to get there. Nine “big names” in the industry graced the said event giving a full blast of motivation, passion and vision for business entities, both professionals and beginners. Among the notable personalities during the meeting includes Georillas CEO and President Claudio Schapsis, Michael Becker, Executive Director of Mobile Marketing Association, Collider Media CEO Bryan Jones, comScore expert Mark Donovan, SCVNGR Chief Brand Alchemist Chris Mahl and the 3.0 guru and CMO of Thinaire, Patrick Meyer. Also present in the event were CEO and co-founder of Local Response Inc. Nihai Mehta, Placecast CEO Alistair Goldman and BJ Emerson, VP for Technology of Tasti d’Lite. Continue reading

Seizing the Mobile Advantage: Patrick Meyer’s Remarkable Presence at AMDIA’s #ALLIN Mobile Event

Patrick Meyer at all in mobile by AMDIA

The recent #ALLIN Mobile event organized by AMDIA left a notable impression among the numerous attendees who aspire to revitalize their business and marketing strategies. Conducted last June 06, 2013 in Argentina, the said event provided ample opportunities for small and large companies on how to upgrade their methods and go smoothly with the influx of latest technology. One of the notable speakers on that meeting was the renowned mobile innovation, business 3.0 and marketing guru, Patrick Meyer.

Unleashing the Campaign

A keen observer and a big shot in the mobile world, Patrick Meyer shared his golden nuggets to the attendees in a presentation loaded with motivating and challenging ideas aimed to boost the mobile industry. As an eloquent and credible personality in this field, Meyer captures the attention of the audience by showing visually-appealing media which made the session really intense and interactive. Patrick Meyer delivered functional strategies for companies to succeed in this sector and the ways in which marketers must adjust to the increase of mobile device consumption. These tips were clear enough to picture out the future of mobile both in the national and international levels. Indeed, this guy was serious about his campaign of helping you change your game and seizing the mobile advantage. Continue reading

Shifting the Game: Patrick Meyer’s Futuristic Insights in the 2013 AESC Global Conference


The CEO Futurist and marketing guru Patrick Meyer made a notable spell during the AESC Global Conference held in New York City on March 6 and 7, 2013. Attended by over 120 executive search consultants representing 25+ countries, the conference promoted an intensive collaboration of ideologies, practices, and concepts that left an impressive remark among the attendees. One of the most admired speeches was that of Patrick Meyer’s where he provided his brilliant ideas to all the consultants on how to “shift their game.” His speech was focused on digital marketing, social media and interaction which have become an integral part of daily life for the modern business. Everyone sit still as the Business 3.0 Expert clearly demonstrated the “drivers” on transforming business from a 2.0 straggler into a 3.0 game changer.

From an overall perspective, Patrick Meyer was credible and eloquent as he delivers salient points for his audience on the said conference. It was a full-packed 43-minute speech that embraces the future of mobility and marketing in all its aspects. His presentation was vivid and interactive in the sense that every part of the speech contains concrete examples and illustrations for the audience to think and digest. It’s definitely evident that he deserves applause for conveying such excellent scoops and thought-provoking insights. Continue reading

Why Buy Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile 2-in-1 Book?

nd the World of Mobile Book

His legacy, ideas, and principles became an epitome in the sphere of mobile technology. That’s what Steve Jobs marked in our generation. But his untimely death still left a lot of people wanting for more. Curious minds arise just to find out the real story behind the life of this great man who brought to us incredible innovations such as the iPhone, iPad, i-Tunes and i-Life. Many books and biographies have been released showcasing the never-been heard details of this person’s interesting life. One of the best-selling masterpieces is written by Patrick Meyer, Jobs’ long time observer and appreciator. It was his idea of crafting this famous bio to go deeper into the gist of Jobs’ work and to make a sense out of it for the sake of work itself.

Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile is a passionate exploration created by Patrick Meyer to reveal Jobs’ vision and motivation in perspective, and to unleash insights for the future of an increasingly technology-driven world. This latest book lands perfectly in the midst of a rising trend where audience really wants to be a part of the story. Continue reading