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Whats New

Thank you for your interest in me and my evolving world. It is an exciting time as I catapult beyond my role in business, marketing and innovation and have shifted to the front edge of emerging technology. In a significant and fun way, it makes me an unusual hybrid: thought-leader who builds brands/businesses AND is now becoming a guru in the emerging areas of mobile, social, and e-commerce.

One of my passions: taking this emerging area, where smartphones, 3G/4G, mobile apps/games, social and enterprise solutions are all starting to fuse
(I call it "the vortex"), and turning it into my turbo-charged form of Business Building 3.0.

You wil see that my leadership role at Sourcebits is a great adventure, with an amazing cast of digital rockstars. Check it out in "What's New"

For 4 years, while leading Fusion 5, I was able to be The Marketing Insider on weekly radio program, The Advertising Show. Now I can do somthing similar, with my "Business & Tech 3.0" speaker series and my soon to be released book on mobile: "The World Of Apps--The Inside Scoop".

You can also peek inside at the re-invention of the Villanove Business School and The Meyer Innovation Award, plus a series of additional surprises.

Lastly, please share your thoughts. Or let me know if I can help you (and your team) in any way on your quest.

Best Regards,

Patrick Meyer