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Patrick Meyer and His Insights on Near-Field Communication


Marketing and Business 3.0 expert Patrick Meyer was recently interviewed by Rachel Ginsberg, Managing Editor of Brands + Commercial. Meyer was asked with essential queries on NFC or Near Field Communication and its advantages on today’s tech-driven society. The conversation was prolific with insights which certainly encompass the whole thought of the agenda. Here, let’s make a quick round-up of some of the most controversial aspects of NFC and how Thinaire brought light to this rapidly emerging technology. Continue reading

Apple is Once Again World’s Most Valuable Brand


Yes, you read that right! Apple is the Most Valuable Brand for third year in a row. And while it might sound impressive, comparing the growth from the previous years, however, the increase is not really that substantial to feel gratified about the recognition, at least this is how we feel for the Apple brand.

Published via AllThingsD, Millward Brown recently released its annual BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013, and Apple topped the list with $185.1 billion brand value, notwithstanding struggling stock prices.  And while this may be remarkable, it’s only a 1% increase from its $183 billion brand value last year. It is a huge falloff from the 19% increase it received last year, from $153 billion in 2011 to $183 billion brand value in 2012.
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The CEO Futurist Gives 9 Insight-based Predictions For 2013


Patrick Meyer, a Business 3.0 expert & adviser to Fortune 500 leaders and emerging mobile & social startups; “The CEO Futurist” speaker and author of the new, future-focused insight and innovation book Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile, shares 9 insight-based predictions for this year 2013:

1. Mobile as the #1 Business Driver (not just a media-like vehicle): Business and Brands will finally wake up. Continue reading