iPad Air: Presenting Apple’s Incremental Upgrade on its Tablet Flagship


Doing much more with so much less? This popular line has caught the impression of mobile consumers all over the world as Apple officially announced its latest version of iPad, the company’s flagship tablet. Carrying the awesome surprises of the fall event, Apple made another buzz in the realm of mobile innovation courtesy of the newly-named iPad Air. This fourth incarnation of iPad brings a ton of technology and all-new beautiful design which is built to modify the device on a fundamental level.

It’s More than a Name

The transformation of iPad over the past years has inspired many in the way they work, play, create, learn and connect. Apple was confident to tell that upon making the latest iPad, they were thinking of its purpose. That is why they have come up with something that’s even thinner and more unobtrusive yet more powerful and capable.

iPad Air seriously holds the power of lightness. The moment you pick it up, you’ll observe how durable it feels despite its thin and light structure. Its elegant construction simply strengthens and improves the enclosure. After a series of refinements plus the astonishing design, you’ll surely voice out that iPad is a device that fits your hand and your standards.

A Significant Step Up

Undoubtedly, Apple made the right decision to step up from iPad’s predecessor. The latest version, iPad Air weighs in just a pound or 453 g and has a thickness of 7.55 mm. That difference in the hand is absolutely startling!

Under the hood, iPad Air uses the new A7 chip, that awesome thing which debuted in iPhone 5s. Yes, iPad Air was designed with 64-bit architecture, something that will change the way you see this tablet. Delivering a killer performance, this version boasts up to two times faster graphics and CPU performance than its forerunner. That means you get an extraordinary power in a device wherever you go – without risking battery life.

Advanced in Wireless

Plus, you get a device that keeps you connected faster than ever. iPad Air uses two antennas that delivers up to two times the Wi-Fi performance of the former iPad model. How about Apps? Good to say that iPad Air carries great built-in apps that will help you to be more productive and creative. Beautifully-designed and beautifully-integrated – this is the right description that fits the awesome device. iPad Air and iOS 7 were designed not to work together but to boost up one another.

Early Judgment

Putting iPad Air on the scale, it’s more believable that there will be more positive feedbacks compared to unsatisfied responses. In fact, it’s difficult to put into words how much Apple has enhanced their flagship tablet, offering such a striking intensity of detail and power with a build quality that’s unmatched.

But the decrease in thickness, and especially weight could well guarantee that the iPad Air is the finest tablet to conquer the market.

It will always have critics, but in the tablet market at least Apple is keeping a record of no compromises. Regarding iPad Air, the detractors would probably have nothing to say against if it had a microSD. Well, it’s apt to express that before we thought about what goes into it, let’s think about what we’ll get out of it. The coming of iPad Air is really worth the wait.

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