Smartwatch: The Next Level of Wearable Technology


The interesting list of awesome technologies continues to rise as leading innovators unveil their signature products, from the hit smartphones and tablets, and now the hotly anticipated wearable devices. Recently we have heard of Google Glass as a fantastic innovation that will change the perspective of consumers. And just before the release of this futuristic gadget, topnotch companies have announced to release their respective versions of the latest wearable tech fondly called as Smartwatch.

What is a Smart watch?

Smartwatch or smart watch is a computerized wristwatch with a functionality that goes beyond timekeeping. The early models of this gadget were efficient in executing basic functions like translations, calculations or playing games, but today smartwatches are productively wearable computers. Various smartwatches are now running mobile applications and include features such as camera, cell phone, touch screen, speaker, compass, barometer, accelerometer, thermometer, chronograph, GPS navigation, graphical display, scheduler, Map display, watch. It can also include rechargeable battery, SD cards and may communicate with a wireless headset, microphone, heads-up display, modem, insulin pump or other devices.

The Smartwatch Developers

Smartwatch development is actually not a new thing for tech enthusiasts. History can give us accounts on how this innovation improved as years went by. Seiko launched the first digital watch in 1972 and from that time, the company has introduced a variety of upgrades on their digital watches.

Today, the list of companies that were involved in smartwatch development is remarkable. As of July 5, 2013, the record includes Apple, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Foxconn/Hon Hai, Acer, LG and Qualcomm. Meanwhile, popular companies such as Nokia, HTC, HP and Lenovo are not included in the list.

Comparing Productivity

While Apple still roll out its much rumored “iWatch”, Samsung has launched just this month its wildly anticipated Galaxy Gear, a wearable technology dubbed as the next fashion icon through the world. It was launched in Berlin where gadget geeks from all over the world converged just to witness this revolutionary mobile wristwatch.

Galaxy Gear allows the user to receive texts, make calls and take photos. The modern smartwatch has a touch screen of more than 1.6 inches in a glossy-steel mount and six-colored wrist strap. Contrary to reports, the smartwatch doesn’t have a flexible display.

Unlike its challengers, the Samsung device enables users to make calls without removing their phone out of their pockets. Rather, they can hold their wrist up to their ear and utilize the microphone and built-in speaker.

On the other hand, Sony is proud to introduce their Android compatible smartwatch. This Sony device features messaging, calendar and social. You can read SMS, email and other notifications on your smartwatch. If you want instant updates from your social network, you don’t need to check your phone. Smartwatch lets you know all the latest tweets and posts. The wearable device gently vibrates for every schedule on your phone. Just tap the screen and you’ll get the instant details.

Benefits and Advantages of Smartwatch

Just like other cutting-edge technologies, Smartwatches presently exist for early adopters. This means that even those who are modestly tech-savvy can use them and enjoy the following advantages:

Stay informed and connected without rude interruptions. Smartwatch allows you to see notifications without the need to get your phone out of the pocket. This great advantage enables you to save tons of time checking your smartphone and rudely interrupt an ongoing activity or meeting. Smartwatch sits on your wrist and tell you what’s up. You can peek if you just received an important SMS or email without distracting viewers in a movie house, looking bored in conferences or feeling disinterested in your date.

An excellent timepiece that essentially does something without paying much for it. Ordinary watches seem irrelevant nowadays since they just tell time unlike cellphones who can do almost anything for your daily life. Smartwatches combine and even more improvised the appeal of watches by integrating features that goes beyond timekeeping. A variety of smartwatches are available now in the market and the price just fit for the convenience and productivity it can offer you. So if you want a nice smartwatch, go for the functionality and aesthetic value more than the cost it gets you.

The Future of Smartwatches

Based from an article in Quartz, a business news website, there are lots of aspects to consider in connection to smartwatch development from this day forward. Sci-tech expert Christopher Mims revealed that insufficient battery life is a major concern for smartwatch developers. At the time the device was released, battery life was 3 to 4 days and this is expected to decrease if more functions are added. Another thing is that the physical dimension of smartwatches is likely to be large. He also added that as a result of smartwatch research, new display technologies will show up in the coming days. Mims concluded that the success level of smartwatches is changeable. It may follow an identical curve to netbooks or they may accomplish aims similar to other wearable electronic especially Google Glass.

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