What Google Glass means to Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Innovators


We may not fly like superman, but we’re swiftly acquiring one of his superpowers.

This testimonial could actually delineate how Google Glass changed the perception of mobile consumers when it comes to high-end innovations and inventions. Who would expect that a giant company like Google could come up with such a crazy thing that combines leading technologies into one revolutionary device? Fusing smartphone, tablet, iPad, GPS, camera and other features into a single gadget is really beyond anyone’s expectation especially for ordinary people. But for businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators, Google Goggles is not a total surprise. Why? It is because those companies that have been upgrading their systems have anticipated the emergence of this kind of technology. In fact, a lot of innovators have spent many years of creating computerized visual overlays, till such time that Google believed that it’s high time to get this technology ready.

Productivity Points

Innovators and even business sectors are confident that Google Glass can superchange your workflow. The prominent aspect that this gadget will improve your work is by changing the way you imagine, think or visualize things. With Google Glass, you don’t search no more just like what you did all day on your laptop and smartphone. Glass has an app called Google Now which delivers context-based notification system for both iOS and Android in real-time. With this fantastic advantage, you are eliminating the fuss of hunting information using your individual app or browser.

Google Glass gives you an instant power to manage your appointments and meetings. A handful of cards come readily on Glass that can be specifically helpful during a usual workday. Google Calendar syncs in automatically with Glass. Yes, it instantly displays meeting reminders and agenda at a glance, right before your eyes all the time. Using its backward swipe, interaction is quick and effortless.

Another great advantage of this technology is that it saves your texting time. Texting is tedious and consumes significant amount of time. But with Glass, you’ll find yourself dictating all your texts! The voice recognition of Glass is tough. So instead of tapping, you’ll end up answering your client emails with a simple dictation – awesome advantage.

Tracking the Supporting Apps

Google Glass, since it’s not yet released in public, has caught the brilliant minds of innovators and mobile developers. They clarified that Glass is not a mobile replacement but more of a companion. The Google Glass App is known as Glassware. The main interface of this new device is the cards. These cards contain a piece of content that displays on the timeline. The time you wake up or use the Glass, you can just say “ok glass” using your voice. Cards available can be flipped using the touch panel. Glassware can be developed today using only restful HTTP services. There is no offline app or native service available. Everything on Glass functions over the cloud and if you want to develop Glassware, a server-side platform is required just like PHP, Java, Python or Node.JS.

Glass runs on Android, but can connect to both Android and iOS devices. It is connectable via Wi-Fi or BlueTooth to a phone, laptop or a home Wi-Fi network. It can work alone as a disconnected offline camera.

Possible Effect on Economy

As projected by most reviews and reports, Google Glass will be released this 2014. Once this wearable tech come out into the market, it could possibly slow down the rate of other gadgets (tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.) because the glasses will become popular and consumers will rush to what is latest rather than what is going out of style. We notice that our society is more inclined to the newest trends and whatever the new product is, it usually rises into the market. Glass will also be a great advantage for the visually impaired who will most likely rely on the new product to aid their eyesight and place them into a world that has augmented reality integrated with complete satisfaction.

Competitors on the way

One of the strong challengers of Google Glass as revealed by recent similar innovations is that of Innovega. This famous company came up with novel contact lenses that view tiny full-color megapixel displays with scenic images in 3D. But what is different between Google and Innovega is their purpose for creating such inventions. Innovega developed their lenses to aid military operations and for those with vision problems while Google developed Glass for the general consumers in the technological world.

Right, Google Glass is still in Beta. Released items are only for testers and developers. Currently, this brand new wearable gadget is available for $1500. Dubbed as a smart eyewear, Glass is simply the biggest example of a style-oriented device that goes beyond smartphone technology. Entrepreneurs, surely, are excited about this one.

Meanwhile, our very own mobile innovation expert Patrick Meyer got a hold of this highly innovative gadget and you can watch his experience recorded below.

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