Ten Most Wanted Mobile Apps to Keep Your Business Going


Smartphones have gone a long way of providing our daily lives with convenience and style. Today, the use of mobile phones goes beyond entertainment and content sharing as it gives greater productivity for the business world. The use of mobile apps becomes not only helpful, but essential in getting the work done with ease and speed.

Based from the salient analysis given by app developers, here are the ten must-have mobile apps (at random) to keep your enterprise alive and kicking.

Speaktoit (Android/iPhone/Windows)


Description: Awarded as one of NY Times App of the Year in 2012, Speaktoit is a highest rated virtual assistant that will provide increased productivity for your business. This mobile app has been renowned by modern workers and continues to offer fresh features for employees in early 2013. This year, the Android/iOS-compatible application presents a handful of awesome new capabilities.

Practical Use:

  • Calendar/meeting scheduling: The app which is linked to your calendar allows business people to schedule meetings through their voice. Speaktoit will remind a person of his appointments on a specific day every morning by speaking to them. It will also remind people the necessary details about their schedule. For example, you have a “meeting in Las Vegas”; the Assistant can remind you to book flights, hotel reservations, etc.
  • Stock exchange/ financial news updates: Speaktoit, in partnership with financial news services, is able to provide automatic notifications and updates particularly market news and stock quotes as part of users’ customized conferences each day.

UX Write (iPhone/iPad)


Description: Due to the fact that most of entrepreneurs are rarely found in their offices, they seem to get difficulties in working out with large complex documents from their iPads. Thanks to UXProductivity.com for providing a relevant solution to get rid of the hassle. UX Write, which is available via iTunes store, is the number one fully-featured word processor for your iPhone and iPad, according to mobile developers.

Practical Use:

  • This incredible app is invented to bring the powerful word processing performance of desktop systems to your iPad and iPhone.
  • It can do practical professional writing tasks such as creating research papers, reports, books, and theses for an amazingly affordable price of $14.99.

StratPad (iPad)


Description: Formerly known as the iPad App in 2012, StratPad promptly became the top rated productivity app in the iTunes app store. This year, the premier mobile app from Glassey Technologies Inc. promises to take authority out of the conference room and place it on the desktop of everybody in the company. The basic version of this app is available in iPad for free and the paid editions have a price range of US $9.99 to $54.99.

Practical Use:

  • StratPad is the first iPad app to be incorporated with Yammer. It enables people to collaborate online and in real time especially in strategic business planning activities.
  • The version 2 of this app allows its users to organize files across all devices in real time.
  • In addition to producing the reports for companies to execute and monitor, the application also tracks with a business intelligence mechanism that graphs key performance indicators, targets and trendlines.

Tappestry (Android/iPhone)


Description: Float Mobile Learning comes up with this newcomer mobile app for sharing knowledge and learning new information. It’s a bit different from the usual Salesforce Chatter or Yammer and support both iPhone and iPad editions. The mobile app is available in the iTunes store for only $5.99 for unlimited topics and $.99 per topic.

Practical Use: Tappestry is a mobile-first application built for productive info-sharing. It integrates with many of the conventional technologies, learning departments and human resources. It also allows the organization to measure and track informal learning events.

RabbleBrowser (iPad)


Description: Another mobile app from Float Mobile Learning, RabbleBrowser is a fascinating iPad app that that changes web-browsing into collaborative experience when utilized across a group set of iPads on a school network.

Practical Use:

  • Easy sharing of files, URLs, and anything stored on Dropbox.
  • Instant chat or sharing browsing session in a conference room using any number of iPads.
  • The mobile app streamlines discussions by allowing everyone to see the similar things together without having to type out perplexing email attachments or web addresses.

Dropbox for Teams (Android/iPhone/Blackberry)


Description: From the basic Dropbox, the app is now providing its latest mobile version for teams. It works a little different from your computer but still works efficiently for storing files. In fact, organizations consider this option as a better alternative to conventional file server storage for documents and files.

Practical Use: The latest edition has enhanced sharing selections and integrated file revision history that make the increasingly famous Dropbox super-efficient for teams and businesses.

Evernote for Business (iPhone/iPad/Android)


Description: Want to keep everything in order? Plan your next trip or work with your colleagues and friends? Evernote makes it easy for you. The latest mobile app now provides upgraded functionality on its fifth version. For only $10 per user per month, you can experience a different feel for your business activities.

Practical Use:

  • This app allows you to share your notes and collaborate on projects with business colleagues.
  • Securely keeps your scanned travel documents, itineraries, confirmations, maps and plans so you’ll have them the moment you need them.
  • Allows the user to save favorite webpages, collect information from anywhere into a single place and keeps everything in sync.

Workshare (iPhone/iPad)


Description: This new app from Workshare improves the workforce without risking the security of documents or altering the way users access, review or edit them. It directly incorporates with the safe online platform of the App, providing users access to a rich category of security capabilities including password protection, user authentication, time-limited file access, permissions, full audit trails, AES and SSL encryptions.

Practical Use: In case you are planning to take home the unfinished story from the office and you forget to bring your USB. At that event, your primary option is to email the file or pop it in the Dropbox and yet you are not sure if it’s safe enough. This time, Workshare alleviates the issue on dealing with those sensitive or confidential files. It enhances the collaboration of employees giving them real-time insights into file updates, remarks and access for all collaborating parties from any location, on any device.

EchoSign (iOS devices)


Description: This incredible mobile app is compatible for Apple devices. It is an automated electronic signature and web contracting software that provides the easiest signing experience in the industry.

Practical Use: Adobe makes it easy for traveling sales representatives to get contracts signed promptly. This new e-signature app allows users to send, sign and handle documents from within the application. It removes the fuss of delivering large paper-based contracts. This mobile app is available from Adobe from a price range of $299 or $399 for a global license of an enterprise. The price arrangement covers from free to 1-5 users.

Meeting Mapper and Meeting Mapper Fierce (iPad)


Description: Do you have effective meetings? How do you distinguish them? Here’s an intuitive and sophisticated mobile app for iPads that makes it easy to scoop up and “map” the information you require for truly productive meetings – Meeting Mapper from Point in Time Software.

Practical Use: This is a productive instrument that tracks the task and the standpoint of every participant in a conference, and makes it easy to make action items or next procedures and automatically program the actions for follow-up. Meeting Mapper is available in iTunes app store for only $6.99. On the other hand, Meeting Mapper Fierce which is integrated with SalesForce is a systematic tool for closing new sales. This app is available via SalesForce AppExchange.


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