5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Augmented Reality Advertising


Business nowadays calls for more intelligent strategies and campaigns. As the world of technology continue to soar new heights of development, industries are also taking the appropriate ways on how to cope up with the increasing demands of today’s sophisticated lifestyle. The fact that traditional practices are getting outdated only signifies that we are to embrace novel approach in dealing with a massive clientele through our fast and reliable services.

The emergence of a smartphone-driven community paved a smooth path to make our business more efficient and productive. But aside from mobile and social media, here comes another tool that has carved a revolutionary role in the future of industries and companies. We’re talking here about Augmented Reality Advertising. Popularly known as AR advertising, this new method combines virtual and real environments in marketing different products.

Augmented Reality might have sound like a peculiar term for plastic surgery when it came to prominence few years ago, but currently it become an essential tool for adding excitement around brands. Applying the best of both worlds, virtual and real settings, AR is a type of technology that allows a viewer to manually control a virtual image of the object using computer and smartphones. The amazing purpose of this technology in marketing is to enable the consumer to keep hold of an action or experience connected to the product, instead of a stationary image or text usually seen on traditional methods of advertising. Basically, AR technology empowers the viewer to maneuver a computer-generated 3D version of the product.

1. Unique and Different

For the moment, Augmented Reality is considered a hot topic among marketing heads and social media agency directors. This novelty factor has generated positive feedbacks among businesses who have explored the “good things” about its applications. And since augmented reality technology continues to rise, the public could anticipate greater impact while AR achieves further exposure.

2. Pleasure of Personalization

Compared to the standard image or video, AR gives the user the pleasure of achieving highly-personalized piece of media. This idea of uploading your own media is a smart and convenient way of bridging consumers to various brands, creating excellent engagement. So instead of looking at an ad in a magazine, watching a TV commercial, or seeing a quick web advertisement before your YouTube video, AR provides better interaction with a specific brand which happens in the actual and virtual dimensions.

3. Easy and Quality Content

Creating a complex video is surely a difficult part just to promote your product and it’s obvious for a majority of users. But with Augmented Reality, a certain user doesn’t need to have the best ability to come up with an appealing ad. AR applications enable users to generate their own efficient and easy piece of media.

4. The Plus of Virality

Marketing analysts and tech experts believed that AR is nothing new since it has been around for few years now. But with the latest products like Google Glass which is set to launch soon, it is earning a lot more attention than usual. The appearance of these remarkable tools in business and lifestyle surely enhance the user’s desire to distribute their creation with their extensive networks. Thus, this art of spreading latest concepts lead to increasing numbers of industries applying such method of marketing. AR campaigns fit for almost anything, whether you want to learn a new recipe, test drive a latest car model, or play a game. Unlike other ad platforms, AR resonates with customers in way that results to productivity. This only means that the advertising game goes beyond the usual promotional material – it becomes interactive and engaging.

5. Maintaining the Viral Loop via Interactivity

What’s more exciting about AR technology is the way it enhances interactivity unlike the conventional tools of advertising. Aside from the high quality content it gives the user, AR apps deliver highly entertaining and fun contents. The surprise factor that is attained when sharing such content pushes for very engaging viewing by other users, motivating them to produce their own edition and share it once again, completing the cycle of virality.

Some of the Successful Augmented Reality Campaigns

Net-A-Porter Online Shopping

This online fashion retailer brings a whole new meaning to window shopping. Storefronts looked ordinary but with a little aid of its Net-A-Porter Karl App, fashion aficionados get instant access to reveal catwalk videos, pricing, 360 degree product models, product information and the ability to buy these items. This concept premiered on September 2011 as part of a luxurious fashion event in New York and London.

Disney Characters Appear in Time Square

To give Time Square an eye-catching appeal to its visitors, Disney decided to install an AR billboard at the center of the famous landmark. When people stand on the marked circle, a particular Disney character magically comes out. While watching on the big screen, these characters interact with the viewers as if they were real.

Top Gear Magazine

Top Gear gave an amazing treat for its readers via Augmented Reality during its December 2011 issue. A range of digital content was accessed by avid followers of the famous publication using Aurasma’s AR application. Integrated videos of the presenters inserted in the editorial content and highlighted a reel of the best cars on the front cover. As a result to this AR integration, Top Gear Magazine garnered tens of thousands of video views – one of the most successful in the magazine industry.


The automobile industry takes the superb advantage of AR in advertising their creations. In 2012, Volkswagen is one car industry which used augmented reality in launching their Beetle in Canada. Users gained access to amusing digital content of cars by scanning posters on billboards and bus shelters. This was definitely a great use of AR using the custom-made AR App called VWJuicedUp available on iOS.

Our very own mobile innovation expert Patrick Meyer has previously covered Blippar – an Augmented Reality Advertising platform helping businesses reach consumers via outdoor ads, billboards, magazine, newspaper and product packaging. The review (@3m14s) is part of the “Patented Magic (RFID, NFC and Blippar)” video uploaded to Patrick TV, which you can conveniently watch below.

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