Mobile 3.0 and beyond: Patrick Meyer’s Dynamic Interview at the Advertising Show

The Advertising Show

The Advertising Show, America’s only radio program focusing on advertising, media, marketing, product development, branding and sales and customer relations previously invited CEO Futurist Patrick Meyer on their great show to promote his award-winning book and the facts behind his controversial “shift your game” campaign which created a big buzz in today’s technology-driven world.

Meyer, a regular guest of the radio show, was welcomed by the eloquent hosts Ray Schillens and Brad Forsythe who really gave a sweet introduction about the well-known marketing expert. The hosts interestingly affirmed that Meyer’s presence would be scandalously insightful and innovative that was apparently observed within the entire show.

The radio interview was decently productive and interactive. It started with a simple question in getting to know the guest on a personal level. “What is the most individual, single thing to learn from a Patrick Meyer?” Meyer said that he does keynote speaking and a lot of people approach him that he would be a motivational speaker. But he owed this confidence from his childhood years when he considers himself a “loser” at schoolwork. He admitted that it was an advantage to be challenged while you are younger to really strive and push hard to what you love doing. He believes that the challenges he met when he was a boy paved the way to what he is now. “I was able to overcome the past and speak in front of people,” he added. So he believes that taking up the stage and speaking in front of an audience showcasing his insights on digital, mobile, social, and e-tail marketing is a thing known to him.

Meanwhile, Meyer was asked about on who should be reading his latest book, “Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile.” He nicely answered that it is for everyone who wants to embrace the future insights of mobile and marketing 3.0. He also revealed that the book was currently used in the classroom, universities, and by CMO’s and CEO’s, guiding them how to drive the business. The profits of this book, as many all know, will be given to the scholars who followed the footsteps of Steve Jobs in the sphere of mobile and apps expertise.

How did marketing 3.0 evolved? Was there any flex point that happened when man woke up to the power of mobile? This was another thought-provoking query thrown by the host. Patrick proudly said that it took place when Steve Jobs came into the scene along with the release of iPhone, smartphones and apps, Google, Android and Samsung Galaxy. In his quick statistical reference, Meyer revealed that 60 to 65 percent of the total US population now owns smartphones. Majority of this are young adults. Meyer considers the emergence of smartphones as a way to engage people to the occasion more than a channel or media type. “The key to the occasion is unlocking in the moment where you are able to change the mind of consumers without chasing the frequency, seeing many ads and getting perceptions about your brands, he added”.

On the other hand, Patrick was also asked about the difference of being a CEO Futurist and a traditional CEO. Being a renowned CMO of Thinaire, Meyer was sharp in answering the question. He emphasized the four ways that he used when speaking in front of big time audience, especially CEOs and CMOs. He simply enumerated that first, he hook them; then he deliver insights; next he bring it through in a case example and lastly give them meaningful perspective value. When speaking in conferences, Meyer shortened it to at least 5 “drivers” fused with illustrative examples. While doing this, Meyer received a lot of invitations to speak for companies where he was characterized as a futurist in a pragmatic way. “A lot of companies and CEOs don’t have a roadmap and a whole information about mobile and social insights,” he asserted. That is why one should discover how to incorporate social, mobile and e-commerce as a vehicle to run your business.

Patrick Meyer has a vast experience in the field of marketing and advertising. One of the hot topics on the interview was about his present company THINAIRE where he is the Chief Marketing Officer. The company is known for introducing a fresh innovation in the field of mobile technology called NFC or Near-Field Communication. According to Meyer, it is the ability of a radio frequency wave to move between two devices (smartphones) to create an interaction in a frictionless way. This latest tech enables the user to tap and touch their favorite videos and other content reinforcing the appeal of a brand or product toward its target consumers. Meyer gave an illustration mentioning Yankee Stadium. Supposedly the seats of the stadium have in-built chips (NFC) a customer can simply tap his order on his device. For example, he orders steak sandwich. With the interaction that happens between the NFC-powered seat and smartphone, it would be easy for him to get his meals. And for just 10 minutes, the order can be delivered. This certainly makes shopping more dynamic for the consumers. And that’s only one of the amazing things that mobile 3.0 can give – one valid reason to shift your game.

At the last part of the show, the marketing insider was also asked about what thoughts he has for the ongoing challenges that Apple faces today especially the issue on being “late” with NFC considering that it is a strong contender in the mobile categories. Meyer explained that Apple has the horsepower, the products and patterns but it focuses on user experience. “Before Steve Jobs died, there was already a 4-year pipeline that contains no ideas of upgrade. This is the principle of Jobs – he is more concerned with user experience, not in speed, resolution or any tech issues”, Meyer clarified. He also admitted that the “challenge” is all about leadership. “Tim Cook must have step up and bring it into the market,” he pointed out.

The radio show was wrapped up with an interesting question from one of the host. Meyer was asked about Albert Einstein’s famous quote, “imagination is more important than intelligence.” Meyer claimed that he never think of himself as intelligent or brilliant. He inspires people by his ideas. He explained that he know he has the passion and he use his ideas to drive businesses and inspire people. According to him, the creativity and inclination to innovate, explore or being inquisitive is more important than being number one in your class. Geniuses were product of their motivation, curiosity and passion.

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