The Brands that Challenge Apple in the World of Mobile Innovation


For years, Apple has been a popular company that has conquered the mobile industry. From its astounding global sales to its “cool” touch products, consumers and investors have definitely raved over the signature innovations of this famous tech giant. The company is known for its high-end innovations that combine art and technology fueling buzz and word-of-mouth marketing every time it would launch a new product. Investors have been tracking Apple’s stock, making enough thrust to boost the stocks to new highs.

But amidst the previous buzz and momentum of Apple, the enthusiasm of its valued customers and investors seems to be fading away, specifically for iPhone 4s, the company’s previous product before iPhone 5 hit the market. Tech experts accentuate that Apple’s rival companies might have affected its good game. However, Apple maintained its position at the top for gaining nearly 40% of US smartphones in the latest study. Still, a significant list of challengers has come out in the open and is ready to steal the recognition from the famous brand developed by the former Steve Jobs.

Let’s examine the world’s major brands that challenge Apple in the mobile arena and get into detail with these contenders, their product advantages and top secrets that can potentially take the lead or at least equilibrate the mobile competition.

1. SAMSUNG – Taking only the second spot in the recent US smartphones survey, Samsung is gaining well according to ComScore. This globally-renowned company has gained a great momentum by surprising its consumers with the latest products flaunting state-of-art and sophisticated features. Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest flagship smartphone is the most popular today. The following hidden innovations from S4 cannot be found on any smartphone, even on Apple’s iPhone 5.


  • Nine combined sensors and a wide selection of recognition technologies. These includes Gesture sensor, Gyro sensor, RGB light sensor, Proximity sensor, Hall sensor, Accelerometer,  Geomagnetic sensor, Temperature/humidity sensor, and Barometer – all of which aimed to deliver an effortless, hassle-free user experience. Awesome!
  • Built-in infrared blaster. The little black dot (at the top of the phone) enables the consumer to use the phone as a universal remote to control your TV. Superb, right?!
  • NFC chip. Near field communication (NFC) chip allows your phone to communicate with other devices with NFC, just like swapping contents or making mobile payments simply by tapping them together.
  • Dual-video recording capability. S4 allows its user to take photos using the 2MP front and 13MP rear cameras, all at the same time.

2. HTC – Another rising star in the industry is HTC, the smartphone provider who will reshape your mobile experience. Placing third in the latest American survey, this company boasts feature-packed smartphones you can’t find in Apple. The new HTC One is one of the company’s notable products. It features sleek, aluminum design, live home screen that provides total entertainment content, cutting-edge camera and authentic sound through its front-facing stereo speakers. So what’s more with HTC that iPhone doesn’t have?


  • Fantastic shooter. HTC shows off its unique camera features called Zoe, a software shooting experience that allows 3-second video and 20 still images and Highlights Reel that transforms the latter into a music clip presentation.
  • 4.7-inch, Full-HD Super LCD 3 IPS display, which offers a pixel density of 468 pixels per inch, making the One’s screen 40% sharper than the iPhone’s.
  • This phone is loud with Beats Audio!


3. NOKIA – Long before HTC and the other surfacing mobile brands, Nokia has carved a name in the world of cellphones. Aside from its earned reputation in this industry, the firm is always pushing the concept of ecosystems, not just individual devices. And so for that plus point, various consumers have been chasing the latest releases of Nokia. One of the most competitive models is the Lumia series. Compared to the iPhone 5, Lumia 920, in particular, holds the following advantages:


  • Lumia 920 has Master Maps, Iphone has “messed up” map system.
  • Nokia has Wireless charging. IPhone keeps you bound with its exclusive cable.
  • Lumia 920 has the HAAC microphones- great for Rich Media Recording and Podcasting.
  • Has offline GPS mode.
  • HERE City lens that enables the user to reveal the city’s hidden sites or locations.


Nokia even improved this flagship with the releases of Lumia 928, which adds a xenon flash to the camera – a version of the 920 exclusive to US carrier Verizon, and Lumia 925, which is a re-skin of Lumia 920.

4. GOOGLE – the popular search engine and at the same time, one of the industry’s top player in mobile technology continues to reach new heights by making standards in the world of smartphones. Its current flagship smartphone, Google Nexus 4 created a buzz among consumers around the world. The phone is based on LG Optimus G. and has top-notch hardware. More than that, the foremost Android phone shows off the following pro’s:


  • 4.7 inch Full HD IPS screen, 1280x768p resolution and a pixel density of 320ppi
  • 1.5 GHz quadcore processor with 16 GB storage and 2GB RAM, 8mp camera with LED flash
  • The glass back panel of Nexus 4 has a 3D patters that glitters when expose to light.




According to the tech giant, they are set to release on October another high-end gadget that is smarter and cheaper and “contextually aware” of its surroundings – Google’s hero Moto X. The company made a teaser as to what features this gadget will possess. Dennis Woodside announced that this smartphone is built to challenge iPhone and Samsung. Advanced sensors and other features are only some of the amazing elements that consumers could anticipate.

5. BLACKBERRY – This famous Canada-based developer of smartphones and gadgets is a potential player in today’s mobile wars, going head to head with iPhone and Samsung brands. The launch of its latest Blackberry Z10 in January 2013 definitely changed its fortune, drawing more consumers in its mobile market. Being a challenger of Apple, Blackberry came up with unique innovations that tech experts really consider as winning highlights.


  • Micro HDMI Out, Standard Charging Ports. This single favorite feature allows you to easily connect to another device like TV, monitor or display with HDMI-in port. You can found this in Motorola but not in Apple’s products.
  • TimeShift Camera. This amazing innovation is exclusive to BBZ10 and you won’t find it in iOS or Android. TimeShift conveniently lets you capture a series of pictures fast and trouble-free, and lets you separate faces of the subjects of your photos.
  • Virtual Keyboard. When it comes to ease of use, accuracy and predictive-text features, Blackberry beats the stock iOS keyboard down. It’s the best touch-screen phone that marries virtual keyboard.

6. SONY – Sony’s dependable and world-renowned technology is built to entertain. The company has placed a benchmark in the mobile industry through its signature innovations namely Mobile Bravia, which provides crisp visuals, WALKMAN® for soaring sounds, and Playstation® for your gaming pleasure. All these and more can only be found in their Xperia™ Smartphones – definitely the most impressive handset launched by the firm. Tech experts have come to the conclusion that Sony scored more, in terms of its specs, beating iPhone’s qualities.


  • Crisper video experience with Exmor RS™ for mobile – enabling HDR to video.
  • Comes with a more powerful 13 megapixel HD camera built around the same modules as leading Sony cameras.
  • Front-facing HD camera equipped with Sony Exmor R™ mobile sensor.
  • Expandable memory – a feature which is absolutely in demand for someone who does not want to get stock with a smartphone having a very limited storage capability.
  • Dust and water-proof technology. Yes, either intentional or not, this phone

These are the major brands that can be a threat to the strong mobile fortress that Apple built for years. In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-paced consumer technology, the company requires more ingenuity and determination to stay unmoved on top of the game. If Apple managed to overcome the threats along the road to perpetual domination, then it’s nearly impossible that another smartphone brand can steal its earned recognition. There’s just only one thing that Apple should not stop doing, as what the iconic Steve Jobs always said, THINK DIFFERENT.

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