Apple is Once Again World’s Most Valuable Brand


Yes, you read that right! Apple is the Most Valuable Brand for third year in a row. And while it might sound impressive, comparing the growth from the previous years, however, the increase is not really that substantial to feel gratified about the recognition, at least this is how we feel for the Apple brand.

Published via AllThingsD, Millward Brown recently released its annual BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013, and Apple topped the list with $185.1 billion brand value, notwithstanding struggling stock prices.  And while this may be remarkable, it’s only a 1% increase from its $183 billion brand value last year. It is a huge falloff from the 19% increase it received last year, from $153 billion in 2011 to $183 billion brand value in 2012.

Could this be the effect of Apple without the Thinker? But probably, Tim Cook, despite the public’s loud uncertainty over his innovative capabilities, is busy nowadays commanding the key guys in their laboratory to level up their game and provide what the patrons are requiring from their key products.

And while Samsung is reigning in the mobile market with its sought-after, advanced products and despite a 51% increase, they are only at the 30th spot with a $21.4 billion brand value. However, they are getting closer to where Apple is at. We might see a showdown between these brands, which are coveted for their pioneering products, in this battle of globally influential brands by Millward Brown in the future.

Furthermore, it is a good thing to note that the Technology sector is the majority in the Top 5, with Google and IBM trailing Apple. But Millward Brown is not so confident about it.

“Without the surge in Apple and Facebook brand value that helped drive category growth, Technology declined 1 percent in the BrandZ™ 2013 ranking, after five years averaging 8 percent annual category growth.”

As for explanation as to why Apple remains the no. 1, Oscar Yuan, Millward Brown VP,  told Business Insider that they’re not only ranking brands based on their publicly available financial information, but take in the consumer sentiment as well to complete the calculation. Annually, Millward Brown polls more than 200 million consumers from 43 countries. This means to say that Apple is favored in the eyes of consumers.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is back on to the list of Top 100 Brands, though not impressively at no. 92. We are excited, however, about BrandZ™ 2014 for Yahoo after their $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr with a promise not to screw it up.

For the rest of those that made it to the list, see the presentation below.


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