Patrick Meyer – The CEO Futurist and Keynote Speaker Helping You Shift Your Game

Patrick Meyer, The CEO Futurist, corporate and association keynote speaker, media spokesperson, blogger
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Patrick Meyer, the CEO Futurist and Business 3.0 expert, is here to share with you one thing. He’s all about taking the future and bringing it back to now. From Fortune 500 companies to Main Street, how do we help you shift your game, drive your business, drive your career forward in this new world? The villain is the status quo because if you don’t do anything, if you don’t shift your game every day in this world that’s all about what have you done lately, you’re constantly sliding backwards.

Patrick has been a CEO, president, CMO and board member from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Why is being a CEO important? Because once you’ve run, built and driven a successful company, you have the insights and approaches that are completely fresh and new, that are valuable to other people.

Patrick also helped shift the Coke’s game by cracking the code and find solutions with young adults in the burrows of New York who were not really understood by the management. Patrick told these youths to “come exactly as you are, dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, jeans, droopy jeans, come the way you normally would be,” and to express their ideas and opinions the way the saw it.

Not only he has been a CEO, on the flipside, Patrick have also been an advisor to CEO’s in the C-suites for over a decade, helping them shift their game, large organizations, small ones all around the world. He cares about driving the hell out of their business. So when he talks to you today about mobile 3.0, it’s about driving your business. By the way, if you’re smart, it’s also about driving your career, because if you embrace what’s up there on the stage (whenever he’s talking) in this whole direction of mobile 3.0, it gives you an advantage.

But in the last several years, there’s a new set of rules: it’s what he call Business 3.0. Here’s what you need to know about this. It’s not about American Express on Twitter. It’s taking anything that you’re doing and coupling it socially with commerce. Facebook, Twitter and beyond had you connected so it drives your business. You can shift your game using technology. Build it into your personal roadmap where you’re going over the next year or two, and you’ll have an advantage vs. other people.

It’s taking mobile, social, gaming, the cloud, ecommerce, new generations, youth around the world, millenials, and taking it and crafting it into a direction going forward. You need to use social, you need to use digital and experiential, you need to reach into their world and touch them in a whole different way. You need to involve them, in your marketing. They have to be your advocates.

Patrick Meyer has done hundreds of speaking events and breakout sessions and would love the opportunity to deal with you and your organization to shift your game and to deliver the future now!

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