Books Go High Tech by Adding NFC Tags

Steve-Jobs-and-the-World-of-MobileThe CEO of Barnes & Noble might be getting a lot of attention when he mentioned plans to add an NFC (near-field communication) ability to a future Nook so it can buy ebooks in store, but it looks like at least one publisher has beaten him to the punch: Patrick Meyer with his book Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile, which hit store shelves earlier this month. This book has an NFC chip embedded in the front cover.

Samsung currently is running a nation-wide ad campaign: putting up posters that included NFC chips which can enable late-model Samsung smartphone to get ebooks, music, or other free contents when the devices are tapped to the said poster. The NFC chip in the cover of Patrick’s book works in a similar fashion: allowing book browsers to watch an interview of Patrick by just tapping the book with their NFC-equipped smartphone. An NFC chip can be useful in getting the attention of someone browsing in a bookstore. That potential customer would be much more likely to tap their smartphone to the book cover, which is an easier process than to scan a QR code.

Another book by Patrick, his newly released 2013: What Would Steve Jobs Do Now?, also includes NFC tags to enable interactivity with the readers. These NFC tags on both books, provided by Thinaire and Smartrac, in which Thinaire provides its Enterprise Suite, a collection of NFC analytic, optimization and campaign management tools for NFC marketing programs.

The NFC tags, positioned on each of the cover of Patrick’s books, link to pages on Thinaire’s Web site, which Patrick says hosts his own proprietary content. “The tag allows the user, through a choice of button visuals on their phone, to view different choices of content,” he explains. One button includes a pop-up video of Meyer being interviewed on a talk show about the book; another brings users to a social feed that links to social-media entities, such as Twitter and Facebook, related to the book and Patrick; a third brings users to Patrick TV, an online channel featuring Patrick’s work that which offers periodic updates about the book and the topics associated; and another button that brings users to a video about Thinaire and NFC technology.

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