The CEO Futurist Gives 9 Insight-based Predictions For 2013


Patrick Meyer, a Business 3.0 expert & adviser to Fortune 500 leaders and emerging mobile & social startups; “The CEO Futurist” speaker and author of the new, future-focused insight and innovation book Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile, shares 9 insight-based predictions for this year 2013:

1. Mobile as the #1 Business Driver (not just a media-like vehicle): Business and Brands will finally wake up.

2. Steve Jobs innovation magic finally surfaces in at least 2 new Apple introductions vs. Tim Cook conservative upgrades repeatedly! (Jobs reported 4 year pipeline finally is allowed to come to market, totally new iPhone, Apple TV, totally new tablet solution, Apple e-wallet.)

3. “Showrooming” becomes a massive phenomena…every day, every place consumers shop.

4. “Tap It” becomes a world unlocking behavior via NFC (say good bye to QR, paper based coupons, even many wallet occasions).

5. Big Data becomes the big deal ( shift from reach/frequency media to ROI focused marketing).

6. Life Shifting Baby Boomers re-exert their power (based on dissatisfaction with the coming golden years looking tarnished).

7. Facebook Check-in exceeds Google search to upset the digital world (with a billion users checking in hourly on smartphones).

8. Siri becomes the solution to the text-when-driving crisis and more.

9. Strategic Winners (, Apple, Google, Verizon) and Strategic Losers (Best Buy, Microsoft, ATT, Blackberry) become even more apparent to all.

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